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Apr 16, 2011 07:35 PM

Matzoh Ball Soup

We love Matzoh Ball Soup in our house. However, neither one of us grew up in a Jewish home so never learned to make it. I have made it once using the Manischewitz mix for the matzoh balls. A couple Jewish friends recommended I use this rather than trying to make them from scratch as they indicated the mix was actually pretty good.

We did like the results...however there are only two of us and it was a lot of matzoh ball for us. I haven't made it since but my husband is having a surgery this coming week and I figure matzoh ball soup will be a good recovery food. In this case it may be good that the package makes more than we need in one meal since I can give it to him for multiple meals for the first couple days. would be the best way....cook up all the matzoh balls and store them cold only using as many at a time in the stock as needed for each meal? Don't cook the matzoh balls until each meal? If this is the best way should I freeze them? Just make a big batch of soupl and store the matzoh balls and stock together(will they get mushy and yucky like noodles do?)


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  1. You make the Manischewitz Mix separate from your soup w/e your plans R 4 that. Just store them in a bowl or tupperware covered, once after you boiled & cooked them (duh), in your fridge and when you heat up your soup, heat up two or three matzo balls along w/ it. they can last for like a week.

    don't combine it all. and don't freeze MB's. not a good idea. plus they cost like under $2 to buy the box and /make. you're not that cheap are you?

    u can put some orzo in your soup tho if u want..