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Apr 16, 2011 06:59 PM

Why would I use white vinegar?

Why do people still use white vinegar? Is there a benefit? With flavorful options such as wine, cider or rice, is there a reason other than a chemistry experiment? I stay away from sugary ones such as raspberry flavored, but white has nothing there. Just wondering.

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  1. In a pinch when out of cider vinegar the white can be used for an agrodolce quite successfully.Still the best cleaning tool made, used today to clean out a small cruet with stain in bottom.

    1. I use it for pickling, precisely because it has no distracting flavors. I don't want my pickled string beans to taste like apples, or grapes.

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        +1. I use it for it's clean taste as well. I use it (diluted) for marinating my cucumbers and onions in the summer and add my own fresh dill and seasonings for a refreshing salad that lasts several days. Also I use it for occasionally poaching eggs where I am not necessarily looking to add flavor. It also cleans the coffee pot at times and cleans glass and only costs $.69 a gallon. Why wouldn't I keep some around?

        1. re: LorenM

          I do this too - the chilled cucumber/onion/dill salad, in a water/vinegar combination is great when it's hot out. And it's neutral for salad dressings where you want other ingredients to stand out.

          My SiL buys the big gallon bottles of cheap white vinegar to clean her hardwood floors.

          1. re: pasuga

            Yeah, I use it when I want the acidity with a neutral taste, like in hot sauce, or quick pickles. Sometimes you want the other flavours to dominate, rather than having the vinegar dominate.

            Although for the cucumber and onion salad I usually use fresh lemon juice as the acidic ingredient.

            Plus, it's good for cleaning white laundry, washing windows, removing odors from stuff, and other useful household stuff.

        2. re: small h

          Agree on the pickling. I've tried using fancier vinegars, and the results just never taste subtle or rich - just muddy.

          1. re: Ferdzy

            Plus, it's important that the acidity be right or you don't actually preserve. White is 5%. I looked at a few others in my cabinet and some were 4%. That may not work right.

          2. re: small h

            i use it all the time to make fresh pickles from sliced persian cucumbers.
            is absolutely the only good vinegar for this purpose.

          3. Hi all,

            I don't use white vinegar for cooking but I do use it for laundry and general cleaning.


            1. As a cleaning tool, I got it. I also remember mixing the easter egg dye with white vinegar. Still recall the smell. I still love caramel eggs!

              1. I use it for cleaning my Keurig coffee machine, not for cooking