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Apr 16, 2011 06:21 PM

Any good ice cream places in the SFV?

With this heat, we're in the mood for ice cream or frozen yogurt. We live in Encino and were wondering if there were any good places in the San Fernando Valley or Westside you'd recommend?

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  1. Sweet Treats (formerly a Baskin Robbins) in the Encino/Laemmle Town Center serves McConnell's ice cream (as well as other brands) by the scoop or the pint. Great selection.

    Here is a previous Chowhound thread about it:

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      Just a quick correction, but Sweet Treats is not in the Laemmle Town Center center. It's in the center with the CVS and Starbucks on the southeastern corner of Ventura and Louise.

      I think Sweet Treats is okay. It sort of has a hodge-podge of ice creams from different places and the choices can be a bit random. What I really miss is a nice sit-down place to get an old-fashioned sundae like Swensons and Farrells used to be. My favorite sit-down sundae is the one at California Pizza Kitchen.

      In Sherman Oaks, Cafe 50s (now on Ventura near Noble) has old-school Thrifty ice cream (though not for 25-cents a scoop.). They do a lot of different shakes and malts.

      For frozen yogurt, there are a slew of places in Encino. Menchies is in the center opposite the Town Center and there is a similar do-it-yourself yogurt place across the street. Yum Yum is near Hayvenhurst, Bare Naked is near Encino Ave., etc.

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        When I tried Sweet Treats they had 4 flavors of McConnell's ice cream. McConnell's is my favorite, but if you were only going to serve 4 of their flavors would "Lemon Ice Cream" be one of the choices? Not for me, but someone must like it. They also had some pints of McConnells but alas were plum out of my favorite "Island coconut".

        The 2nd kind of ice cream that they sell is "Santa Barbara Ice Cream" which is a cheaper version of McConnell's made by the same company, but not all-natural like the good stuff. Still, it's better than the 3rd choice at Sweet Treats which is (ahem) Dreyers. Has anyone else noticed that for most Dreyer's flavors in the supermarkets you don't even see the words "Ice Cream" on the label because it is so artificial that it doesn't qualify? I'm not sure who would walk in and pay $2.50 for a scoop of Dreyers......

        1. re: Jwsel

          Ooooh, thank you for the correction. I often confuse the two centers.

          When I went they had several McConnell's selections as well as SB and even Swensons. I understand, though, that the inventory changes often.

      2. I highly recommend LA Creamery in the Westfield Topanga Mall next to the Nordstrom 1st floor entrance. When we went, they weren't on the directory yet. They are also opening in Glendale.

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          LA Creamery is my current favorite as well.

          I had some good gelato at Illy in Las Vegas on Sunday and was thinking while I ate it, this is good, but not as good...