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Apr 16, 2011 05:55 PM

Restaurant Week

I am taking my date out to dinner for restaurant week next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. I am a line cook at a restaurant in Seattle and admire good food and service. She has not really experienced excellent food or service and I would like to show her. I would like it to be romantic and have good cocktails, she is not much of a wine drinker. I have already eaten the tasting menus offered at Spur and Restaurant Zoe, just to narrow it down a little. Any suggestions of where to go for Restaurant Week? We have means of transportation so distance isn't a problem.

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  1. Hard to say, the good places fill up fast. Had a decent (tasty enough, but not super special) prix fixe at Barolo the other night with some friends, and plan to try it at Canlis this week, because none of us have been there, and how often do you get to try Canlis for $30?

    Other places we were looking at are Spring Hill, Emmer & Rye, the various Ethan Stowell places, and Boat Street, so though I haven't tried their promo menus, those would be my recommendations.

    1. Hmm, what about crush. are they participating in restaurant week? You'll come out of there with good memories.

      ... or something like that.

      - K

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        Didn't know you were on chowhound. Crush is participating but I've eaten there and would like to leave it as a wonderful memory.

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          The Georgian did a nice job if you want something more formal than is typical for Seattle. The restaurant week menu items were also on there regular menu - it was a little tacky but they told you what the items would have cost if it wasn't restaurant week.

      2. You sure you want to do Restaurant Week?
        With the increased customers, many of these places get really crowded and annoying. I also get the feeling that at many places, the staff kind of resent RW goers and act that way to some degree.

        How about hitting up a mid-priced place that ISN'T doing RW. They won't be as busy and they place will appreciate the business. And the non-frazzled servers will probably be more attentive.

        1. Chez Shea.
          Dahlia lounge.

          Chez Shea
          94 Pike St. Suite 34, Seattle, WA 98101

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            Golden Beetle (Maria Hines' new'ish Mediterranean place in Ballard was my only foray into RW this year. Between the four of us we tried everything and highlights were: a carrot soup, albacore tuna entree, turkey " gyro" and a pistachio nougat for dessert. Service was some of the best I've ever had for RW (including lunches in DC, NYC and SF) and there were numerous bottle options on the wine list that kept the check moderately priced. Cocktails were $10/piece but looked great. Best of all, I will absolutely return there again! And isn't that the original intention of RW?!

            1. re: mcmullek

              Really? I looked at that menu and took a pass.
              Maybe my mistake...

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              I did the Chez Shea RW menu last week and had a lovely time. Ahi Tuna Crudo was excellent. I have been on a Duck Confit kick and have had that 3 weeks in a row (at 3 different restaurants), and this was by far the best of the bunch. Creme Brulee was nice and light. It was perfect for me, but hubby thought the portions were too small and he came away still a bit hungry. (he ordered the Cauliflower Soup, Duck and Chocolate mousse - which was a fantastic dessert!) We had an early dinner so it wasn't too crowded and our service was good. I'd recommend it!

              Chez Shea
              94 Pike St. Suite 34, Seattle, WA 98101

            3. i would suggest Corson Building, if you dont mind the communal tables.

              Serafina provides a more traditional romantic setting

              Mistral Kitchen I hear does some interesting things with cocktails and has an open kitchen (on the jewel box side) that you can watch as they cook.

              Mistral Kitchen
              2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121