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Apr 16, 2011 05:33 PM


in Mammoth! Where to eat?? Help!!

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  1. Slim pickens .............and unfortunately that is not the name of a restaurant - my experience is from a few years ago and it was .....slim pickens to the point where even the chains were a better deal than the restaurants. Maybe things have improved -- it should be a lot better in this area because it has LA tastes and pocketbooks to support it.

    1. Not many places. In fact very few that could be mentioned. Angel's is the only place where most of the locals (or tourist locals go) to hangout. If you're staying in a condo, best bet is to grab a few "high priced" steaks from Vons and BBQ them.

      1. My reviews of Mammoth is 2.5 years old. You might scroll thru and see which one of these fits your needs:

        1. Sorry I didn't catch this sooner. We are locals are were having dinner at Nevados on the 16th. Others restaurants we like are Petras, the restaurant at the Westin, Robertos, Gomez's in the Village. Skadi's gets good reviews and I think the new Rafters does also. IMHO, these are much better than picking up picnic food at the market.

          PO Box 127, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

          587 Old Mammoth Rd Ste Ste B, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

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            Go to the restaurant at The Tamarack Lodge, excellent food and service there. They do some really great elk medallions there. The Whitebark @ the Westin Monache is also very good and ambiance is upscale and contemporary. :)