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Apr 16, 2011 01:47 PM

What's For Dinner? Part 84 [OLD]

What's cooking at your house? Are you in the throes of Springtime and have dragged out the grill? Or are you still in chilly-willy weather and are still craving comfort slow-cooked foods?

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  1. As for me, I'll repost from the earlier thread: More cleaning out of the freezer (the upstairs one, this time). I'll be using up a thick slice of honey ham in some mac & cheese and ham. Steamed broccoli alongside.

    1. The DH seared some pork shanks and now has them braising in the oven, sort of osso buco style. We'll have those with mac and cheese (fontina and cheddar) and a green salad.

      1. Well, after an incredibly stressful day yesterday, we went to the beach all day today and relaxed in the sun & surf. So, tonight, it will be rigatoni carbonara a la Rachael Ray, as someone else posted (sorry, can't remember who ) in the last two threads. I have all the ingredients, so, you know how that goes. A large green salad and some garlic bread and that's dinner on a latish Saturday night, with some movies for the kids that we picked up last night. At least we are all showered and clean from the beach, and that pasta's going to be good!!

        1. Marinated halibut steaks on the cast iron grill pan, Deborah Madison's baked spinach gratin with red barley and rice. And that's it! Just the two of us.

          1. We had some guests stop by unexpectedly this afternoon so I whipped up a quick batch of corn pancakes (a COTM dish) and some Tzatziki (from The Olive and the Caper cookbook). First time for both versions of these dishes and we loved them. I’ll put a link to the COTM review at the bottom of this thread if folks want to take a look. That Tzatziki differed from my usual recipe in that it used red wine vinegar as it’s acid vs lemon juice. Somehow the vinegar “smoothed out” the flavours in the Tzatziki and this may just be our new favourite version, even better than those in AMFT and Arabesque.

            For dinner mr bc was craving Italian (nothing new here!). I picked up some lovely, fresh boar sausage at the market so I took inspiration from this and turned to The Splendid Table for a recipe. We’ve made the Gramigna with Wine-Braised Sausage in the past but I thought the boar would be a perfect match for the fresh sage in this recipe and it truly was. Per Rossetto Kasper’s recommendation we served this w a wonderful Sangiovese wine and I’m happy to report; a good time was had by all!

            Here’s a link to my review and photos of the Corn Pancakes from AMFT:


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              Beautiful. I'm intrigued by the tzatziki. Even better than Arabesque? Must try.

              1. re: Rubee

                Thanks Rubee! I'm guessing it must have been the red wine vinegar that made the difference but this seemed to have a balance that we hadn't tasted before. Actually I just made another batch!!

                If you have AMFT, do try those corn pancakes . . . ridiculously good, especially since they require so little effort! Oh, and the swiss chard ones are fabulous too!

                jic you're tempted to try them, here's the link to the chard pancake review:


              2. re: Breadcrumbs

                BC, those corn pancakes look amazing. i can't remember, did you gift us with the recipe, had you worked it out yet? you were the one experimenting, weren't you? sorry if you already did and i just missed it....

                1. re: mariacarmen

                  Thanks mc! If you click on my link above the photos it will take you to my review in the COTM thread and I did include ingredients and quantities so you're good to go mc.

                  I wasn't the one experimenting though, this was the first time I've made this recipe and it was great. I did make the swiss chard pancakes from the same book and reported in the COTM and, previous WFD thread. Perhaps that's what you're thinking of?

                  1. re: Breadcrumbs

                    no, i already copied the recipe for the chard pancakes.... hm.... someone was just raving about a corn pudding (i know yours are cakes) with tzatziki .... but i'll take a look at yours too, thanks again!