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Apr 16, 2011 01:09 PM

Woody's in Farmingdale. Any comments?

My mom is dying to try Woody's in Farmingdale. I guess she's heard people at the beauty parlor taling about it,!! How is the food? Would it be suitable to take a person using a walker?

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  1. I had lived near there.Just a neighborhood pub,neither great nor dismissive.I wouldn`t consider it a destination place,merely a local stop.I believe you won`t have a problem with the walker.A burger/wing place with maybe a pasta special or 2 thrown in,nothing you can`t get at any otehr place,and there`s similar fare to Mulligan`s just down the street

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      My D H and I like Woody's. We may go there about once a month. The menu is quite extensive. I like the grouper bites as an app. and think the burgers and pirime rib rock. Not too many places where I would order the rib but their's is good. Pizza is good too.There are some seafood specials on the menu also. All in all it is a good resto.

    2. Thanks, we'll give it a try in the next few weeks.

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        The Cabin ( Hwy 33 )near Woody's ,but is a better stop