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Apr 16, 2011 01:04 PM

Easter lunch: Manasquan area

Looing for a nice place to take my parents for Easter. Requirements? Sigh....not BYOB, not too adventerous, not a buffet, must be handicapped accessible for my mother who uses a walker. Mom has a real sweet tooth, so great desserts are a huge plus. Price not a concern. I wish I could find something other than Italian, so I would appreciate your help. Willing to travel about a half hour from Manasquan for something special. Thanks

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  1. I've thought about this one and, I'm afraid to say, keep coming up with nothing worth vouching for. Several places are closed, a couple are likely doing buffets (although, in this category, The Mill might work - call them??), some I know nothing of their desserts, and the rest just suck. Worst of all, I'm cooking for the brood at my Mom's, so our house is out as well.

    I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, bouncing this thread up a bit will get it a few looks . . .

    1. Mschow, not sure if they have a buffet on Easter or the regular menu but The Molly Pitcher Inn, in Red Bank would be a good choice. Likely fully booked by now but worth a phone call. Attractive dining room, nice views of the river.

      Have a nice day with your parents wherever you go.

      Molly Pitcher Inn
      88 Riverside Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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        Thank you both for your suggestions. We have been to the Molly Pitcher and the view is lovely, but again buffet style. Looks like I am stuck with Villa Vittoria again....easily accessible for my mother, but I am sick to death of Italian food since that's usually all they ever want to eat!

        Villa Vittoria
        2700 Hooper Ave, Brick, NJ 08723