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Apr 16, 2011 12:12 PM

Margaret Palca Rugelach

Just wanted to give our nearby bakery a shout-out, as I just ate one of their delicious rugelach--I think it might be up there in the top 5 of the city. Fantastic if that is what you're looking for (apricot, specifically) :)
Their rolls are also great, the rest of the stuff is fine, but if you want wow, the rugelach is where it's at.

Margaret Palca Bakes
191 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. I agree.. Pretty addictive. :-)

    1. I totally agree. It is delicious. You know she also makes beautiful cakes, you can bring any photo or drawing and they will make a beautiful cake version. I had my son's dragon castle made there and it was delicious and beautiful. Her muffins are also, in mho, the best in the neighborhood. My favorite are the blueberry. And Margaret is the sweetest person, ha, no pun intended...

      1. Margaret's been making her delicious rugelach for quite a few years now. It's always been great; I'm glad to see it still is and that you enjoyed it. I used to live about 6 buildings away from her shop on Columbia Street, so it was a regular delight in our house when she had it on the bakery rotation.

        She is a very sweet woman, as monicagtz mentioned. I always liked her muffins, especially the blueberry and cranberry. The bran with currants were fantastic also.

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          ahh yes, we're on a bit of a margaret palca kick here it seems...went there at opening this morning and had a fresh blueberry muffin. amazing stuff...agreed re: best in the neighb, at least based on this experience.

          1. re: healaeats

            Margaret really does have some great baked items. Her raspberry chocolate brownies are wonderful, as are the entire muffin line and her pies at Thanksgiving. Her lemon squares are great also, but make sure to get them when they're freshly made. We used to get her decorated cookies to sell at the deli I worked for in Cobble Hill

            I'm basically heartbroken that I 1) don't live in that hood any longer, and 2) that I don't have anything even remotely as good as her bakery where I am now. I will be down there for Easter, I'll have to check if she's open.

        2. We make a regular pilgrimage for the bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. There's nothing comparable anywhere.