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Apr 16, 2011 10:26 AM

Granville Island or Downtown Restaurant

I will be in Vancouver for a day before a cruise. I will be visiting downtown and Granville car. Best restaurant...without a strict dress code? We will be walking around Granville as well as downtown in early May. We will be casually dressed but need a decent place to eat...price no option as well as menu...very adventurous!! Help please!!!

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  1. You don't have to worry about the dress code in Vancouver, it doesn't really exist. You will see people dressed in all types of clothing, from casual to dressy in all restaurants. No need to worry. It would really help to know if there are certain types of food you are looking for especially since you say you're adventurous.

    At Granville Island, you should stop at Go Fish for outdoor, fresh fish dining when you're walking around. It's at the wharf. There are line ups in prime time

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      ANY type of food...although being in Vancouver, I am thinking seafood since being Midwesterners, fresh fish is not available...but really, we are up for anything. Somewhere withing walking distance. We will be at Granville Island and then taking the water taxi to downtown. We are staying near the airport (near the skytrain) so we would like to be within those parameters location wise.

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        Well, since you said price is no option, for seafood then, I would recommend Blue Water Cafe. It's close to the Canada Line (Yaletown-Roundhouse Station) which is what you would be using if you are staying by the airport in Richmond. And I've given you the best fish place on Granville Island (imho) in my last post. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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          The worst part of my trip is that the day I have free is a Monday and I understand that Go Fish is closed....too bad for me. Is C any good??

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            I don't think blue water is open for lunch, is it?
            (edit: my mistake, for some reason I assumed you wanted lunch... in that case, blue water is a great option for dinner)

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              No, Blue Water opens at 5pm daily. Did the OP ask for lunch only?

              I can't give a comment about C restaurant. My last visit was so long ago, it wouldn't be relevant to give my thoughts about it. Since Chef Humphrey has moved there, I did just buy the brunch groupons so I can try it again. I know that doesn't help the OP either.

              Hopefully someone who has been to C recently can comment about it.

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                C's wasnt as impressive food wise, though the service was better. I would normally recommend it, but would hesitate now. Perhaps it was an off night or my expectations were too high. The food looked good, though nowhere near as good as the cookbook. Just my .2cents.
                It's sister retaurant Nu has a better view with a modern take on greek cuisine. There's been mixed review but is an option. its was open for lunch but do check to confirm.

      2. As CK said, Go Fish is an option, but be prepared to wait. I've found that the food stalls at Granville Island has become somewhat "food court" ish and you can often do better. Monk McQueens, Coast, Cardero's are some other seafood options.

        Monk McQueens
        601 Stamps Landing,, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1, CA

        1. In Vancouver restaurants, if you're dressed, you meet code ;-)

          Cats Social House to the right of the entrance to Granville Island (beside the Kids Market) is decent. They are part of the Browns Group. A recent thread on Cats: