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Apr 16, 2011 09:17 AM

Bountful Baskets Co-op (question and info for those that are interested)

I just participated for the first time in our local Bountiful Baskets program. It's the only co-op I'm aware of that is still available to those in the Phoenix area. Anyway, if anyone else is using this service, can you please tell me what those small, green vegetables are that were in today's offering (4/16)? I'm not sure if they are really small zucchinis or gherkins or what they are. Can someone enlighten me?

Here's a link for those that don't know about B.B.: It's not the most comprehensive site, but you will figure it out :


Every other week they offer organic fruits/veggies and weekly they have bread (whole grain) and other baked goods. they also offer a "special" seasonal type offering each week. this week it was a tropical box with mangoes, a pineapple, a coconut a couple vanilla beans and some citrus. There are many different pickup locations throughout the valley.

All and all it was an easy experience once I figured out their website. the only problem I had was one lady gave me crap about my service dog not being allowed into the pickup area. Not nice, lady...not legal, either.


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  1. I haven't taken the CSA plunge, but, I've been tempted by since they have pick up locations at six or eight restaurants I like.

    1. On the bountiful baskets Facebook page, they talked aboUt Persian cucumbers. Enjoy your basket

      1. Please fact check Bountiful Baskets. They don't meet the International Cooperative Alliance Cooperative Principles. See their HQ Arizona Incorporation papers here and click through to the pubs and articles to see that there are 1,000,000 shares outstanding in this private corporation and that there are only two shareholders.

        They do not appear to be an ICA Principled Co-op. What happens to the few cents per basket that is not used to pay for goods, shipping or credit card processing? ICA Principles for Co-ops state that the members should share or decide what to do with that money. Multiply that with the thousands of baskets a week and do the math. It's money in the six figures that's leftover when you look at it annually and across the country at all their sites in over 15 states.

        There is nothing wrong with this buying club business model, but BB HQ is not really the Co-op they say they are and should third-party verify that they are non-profit. Just because they say so on their website doesn't qualify them as a non-profit. Anyone can call themselves a Co-op in Arizona, but there are legal standards to call itself a non-profit.

        Google and research the address you find on the forms and Kodiak Fresh Produce. Make these connections and decide for yourself if this passes your smell test.

        They have not answered my queries to their Co-op status as well as delete my posts and prevent me from posting to their FB page.