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Apr 16, 2011 09:06 AM

O Chame last night

Last night we went to a O Chame at 4th street in Berkeley. I would say it was better than our last visit a few years ago. We ate:

Roasted scallops with wakame- really delicious. Big meaty pieces of fresh scallops. The sweetness of the wakame perfectly accentuated the flavor of the scallops. Very satisfying dish.

We shared two Soba noodle dishes, one with roasted oysters and one with smoked trout. Both were tasty but we liked the smoked trout version better.

Braised pork ribs with lemon and ginger. They were not really ribs. But this dish was so delicious. It was the kind of unique combination of flavors I experienced visiting Kyoto but never experience in Japanese restaurants in the states. The dish was non heavy and the flavor was delicious and satisfying.

O Chame
1830 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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  1. This was my first visit there in about 8 years. I had been there a handful of times prior to then, and it was always pretty good, but it just fell off the radar - until the recent Groupon. 1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert. I think it was $33.

    We shared the eel and endive app - the eel was really tasty, and done to a great texture. Then, we both ordered the Bavette steak with chard, edamame and trumpet mushrooms. Really delicious - the chard was just incredibly delicious and the beef was done to a rare side of medium rare. The portion was decent, too - including a generous portion of the chard.

    We then had the poached pear and blueberries for dessert - I could have taken or left this, but it was a light finish to the meal, and given this "most wonderful time of the year," a nondescript piece of fruit was fine.

    With the Groupon, an absolute bargain. Without it, on the high side of a fair price.