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Apr 16, 2011 08:41 AM

Loaf pans: Williams Sonoma Goldtouch vs Chicago Metallic Commercial II nonstick?

I am looking for some new loaf pans. Cook's Illustrated loves the Williams Sonoma Goldtouch nonstick. The WS site says it's made in the USA by: "a 50-year-old American company, North America’s only manufacturer of commercial bakeware."

Chicago Metallic's Commercial II looks similar except for color. Its site says they've been making commercial bakeware for 100 years, but doesn't say where their current line is manufactured.

I'm looking for a comparison because the Chicago Metallic pans are cheaper.

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  1. I have spent the extra money on the WS Goldtouch. I even bought a plastic knife for when I want to cut the brownies directly out of the pan. I love the way that my cornbread browns in them. Everything I've baked has released very easily. I did a lot of research too, and I haven't been disappointed in anything that I've baked. If you have the extra money, I'd get the WS. They'll least a cook's lifetime if you take care of them!

    1. A while back I wanted see if the WS Goldtouch loaf pan would produce a better loaf than my tried and true Chicago Metallic nonstick loaf pan, so I did a side by side comparison by baking 2 loaves of banana bread. (My banana bread recipe happens to make enough batter for 2 loaves.) I baked them at the same time in the same oven. My unscientific conclusion is the Goldtouch pan doesn't make a difference. The 2 banana breads looked and tasted exactly the same.

      1. I did the same research and found out the WS are made by Chicago Metallic. I was told the goldtouch is just a special thing for WS, but otherwise the same pan. Needless to say, I went with CM since they were less money and have never regretted it.

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          Based on marysf's comment, I bought the CM, too.

        2. I don't care for either of them, and I have some of both. The nonstick coating is okay*, but the folded nature of the pans means there is a gap in the inside corners where food will get stuck. It's impossible to clean it well, which is just gross.

          * It seems really scratch-prone, although maybe no more than any other nonstick coating. I wanted the meatloaf pan at W-S, but every one they had was scratched to hell on the inside because of the tray it comes with.