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Apr 16, 2011 07:23 AM

safe to eat sushi in japan????

what is the story as of april 17?? are people consuming sushi in a normal way??

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  1. Yes.
    I'd say you are totally safe.

    1. If your concern is radiation, would cooking the fish make it any less radiated?

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        Honestly, this is the place to say my weekness, I have had 2 sushi course in 2 weeks.
        The first one was at the Sukiyabashi Jiro (Ginza). The presence of others clients, might be regulars, was very warming, each one interested of each other opinions. They're selecting their product very carefully, some great Tako(Octopus)
        The second one was at Sushi Yoshi (Okachimachi) : this time the master Yoshi, at opening the entrance door and in front of my eyes, was cutting down in a very 'stoic' way a living octopus who tried to enroll his arms.
        Everything homemade is the place to look for... and for taste.
        The only macrobiotic sushi,in Tokyo, will be Sushi Uchi (aoyama). The nori, the salt, the vinegar, the sugar, the shoyu, everything is...
        Somekind of confusion are in this image somehow. Only one part of the North East Coast has suffered a lot, the products are stopped even the 14dai sake (very famous),...
        The Japanese Sea, the Peninsula of Izu, IseShima, Kii, Miyajima are not on the same sea current :
        Raw fish is so delicious...and nitsuke... and grilled.... and with miso... and dried..

      2. Obviously: yes.

        If you are concerned about radiation you may want to cut down on bananas and brazil nuts though.

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          A post with all the culinary desasters, this is to follow.. Between the salmonella, ecoli in chikens, hormones, antibiotic, pescticifes, heavy metals, dioxin...and I sm sure I have forget some... The restriction of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico has been removed (miam miam corexit)... 
          Half the fish does not come from Japan.