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Wanted: Brunch Buffet for Mother's Day...fancy pants please!


I am looking to give my mum the best, fanciest, brunch in Toronto. I understand it won't come cheap but this is a special occasion and money is no object.
The only places I would not go to are:
- Bloor St Diner - This is my regular sunday haunt and I want something 'special'
- King Eddy - Went last month and was not overwhelmed.

Any place else is fair game, though I imagine nothing says fancy like a luxury hotel.

Ok, ready, set, go!


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  1. err... Windsor Arms? Get them to valet park you for that extra luxe feeling. Though, I haven't been in a long long long time. I remember it fondly, especially the giant bowl of iles flottants...

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    1. re: jlunar

      Iles Flottants!! no way!! in Toronto?
      I have been searching high and low for that desserts since I had it in France

      1. re: meatnveg

        it was a reaaaaallly long time ago that I went though. We're talking 5 years since I last went and longer since the iles flottants... just as an fyi! You could always ask and see if they still serve it though!

    2. Gallery Grill at Hart House but you'll need reservations.

      Gallery Grill
      7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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        Any idea of what to expect on the menu?

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          Gallery Grill Brunch menu:


          Gallery Grill
          7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

        2. if King Eddy doesnt do it for you, then basically in Toronto, for what you want, you're outa luck, and would have to 'settle'.

          1. Intercontinental on Bloor in Yorkville had a great Mothers Day Lunch last year have been before sometimes a Buffet and sometimes a la carte both good need rez Miranda

            1. What about Casa Loma?

              Menu look good....not sure about quality though.


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                You know, I thought of Casa Loma, but am afraid it will be chock a block full of parents out with kids and a little too noisy. is it different on Mother's Day?

              2. I concur with your being underwhelmed with The King Edward brunch. I was also there last month. I took my best friend for her birthday. My biggest criticism is this-the main courses were chicken, salmon, lamb, and beef wellington. My friend does not like lamb or rare beef. She asked if they had a piece of the Wellington that was more on the medium side. They did not. I had some and the crust was a soggy mess. A prime rib roast would be so much better. The setting was wonderful and the rest of the food was good but I would try something different next time. In other words, I cannot highly recommend The King Eddy.

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                  Annona in the Park Hyatt is quite nice.

                  Re: iles flottants - Jacques Bistro du Parc is a must.

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                    I would check out "The Old Mill"....very old school and I've heard the regular Sunday Brunch is quite good...........

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                      Mother's Day at the Old Mill is insanity. I did it once and would never go back. The food was ok - but it felt like a brunch factory.

                      Old Mill
                      21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

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                        If you are willing to travel, the old mill in Ancaster is lovely. Have been going for years, beautiful scenery! Nothing like the Toronto old mill...

                        1. re: maplesyrup993

                          ah yes, I have heard of that place. Sadly, I don't have a car...seeing as all disposable income seems to be spent on food. :P

                2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I ended up reserving a place at the Windsor Arms.

                  Will let you all know how it turns out.

                  Windsor Arms
                  18 St Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                  1. Avenue Lounge at the 4 Seasons does a great brunch. Buffet and fancy pants!

                    1. Does it have to be buffet? Plenty of al la carte places to think of.

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                        Yeah my mum likes buffets for the options, eats like a bird, but can't decide on a dish at most a la carte places.
                        Otherwise it would be Marben.

                        488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

                      2. The Estates of Sunnybrook do a Mother's Day brunch buffet every year. The cost is $50/pp +tax, tip, and alcohol.

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                          We did the Sunnybrook thing last year on my snooty sister's insistence. Grossly overpriced, and very lame Leaside clientele ... I would avoid this at all costs.

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                            Wow....as a Leasider, that remark is below the belt....we're not all lame you know...