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Apr 16, 2011 06:39 AM

Iconic Dishes of the Decade?

After watching Top Chef this week, and while on a road trip, my hubby and I started trying to come up with the ironic dish of the last decade. The 60s had veal Oscar, the 90s had everything covered in sun dried tomatoes. We came up with sliders, authentic and derivative.

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  1. the Arugula, Beet, Chevre and walnut salad w/. Balsamic Vinegrette.

    And Smoked, Barbequed Pork

    and Citrus Zests

    1. Everything covered in mango salsa/ relish/ chutney. Either that or stupid cupcakes.

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        or lime cilantro, chiffionaded of course

      2. Burrata was a very rare dish to be found until the middle of the decade. Now you can get it at Costco (not vouching for the quality).

        Molecular food - still very trendy but seems too "Silent Running" for me.

        Coffee - better coffee - really great coffee - is that a dish?

        meatnveg - I personally have always enjoyed cupcakes. To me, the "cake" part is just a delivery system or edible utensil for the frosting. Without the frosting, it's just a muffin, which I can take or leave. But if it's a carrot cake muffin with cream cheese frosting, then I'm on board. Or is it a carrot cake cupcake?

        1. Pork belly. I don't recall ever seeing it for the first few decades of my life, now it seems to be on every menu.

          And bacon on and in everything.

          1. Agreed on the pork belly. In Germany, it was the decade of arugula - they'd just freakin' throw it on anything and everything, as well as ramps, which (at least to me) tastes like spoiled garlic.

            Ramps is still running strong in the fatherland. Modernist cuisine (or what bula calls "molecular") I think really became ubiquitous this decade, too. Foams, spheres, "caviar", etc. pp.