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Apr 16, 2011 06:20 AM

Urgently needed experience- Fresh caught fish for homemade gefilte fish? Tuna, mahi others?

I have to make the gefilte fish for 25 at Passover. We live in South Florida and caught dolphin (mahi-mahi) and tuna fishing yesterday. These fish are much fresher than what will be in my market but worried about the texture. Maybe add some fresh water fish to the mix? I can easier buy snapper (or tilapia-yuch). Should I mix fish, anyone tried making gefilte fish with salt water fish?

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  1. You're not going to get much action here until Shabbat is over. Texture in gefilte fish is an issue of grinding, IMO. I have made with many different fish. snapper would be a nice addition:I think, like you that tilapia is yucky.

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      I realized it was Saturday as soon as I pressed 'send', sorry. This is my first visit to the Kosher Board, found it from the gefilte fish link. I ended up buying the 'ground by the kosher fishmonger' whitefish (1lb) and pike (1/2 lb) and adding 1 lb of mahi we caught yesterday (ground in new food processor). I made stock of all the heads and bones of the fishes and the second batch is simmering now. Won't really know until after they chill overnight. They charged $26.95/lb for the ground whitefish/pike this year here in Miami Beach.

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        That is extremely expensive. I pay in los angeles about 10.00 a pound.

    2. My vote would be to skip the gefilte fish and make tuna steaks.

      1. perhaps you could take a different approach.
        cook the tuna and mahi as you normally would,
        but make a "gefilte fish" garnish sauce out of;
        cooked vidalia onions, sugar and carrots
        in a starch or a gelatin suspension, chill
        then serve them together with some
        red beet horseradish on the table too.
        this way you get the gefilte fish effect,
        without using carp, pike or whitefish.

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          Thanks everyone. I used the combination I mentioned above whitefish/pike/mahi-mahi and made Chef Allen Susser's recipe which added minced cilantro/parsley/ginger along with a bit of scotch bonnet pepper and the texture was fine, great 'gel' too. No one objected to a little more flavor, either.

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            A couple of months ago I made a Peruvian gefilte fish for Shabbat (aka. Ceviche :) ). Everybody loved it, but I was asked to let my wife do a traditional Gefilte Fish for the following week. I guess ceviche is a great choice for Wednesday night. My crowd wants to keep Shabbat a bit more traditional. The main course is where we go creative. Lol