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Apr 16, 2011 05:39 AM

Recommendations for a week in Bogotá

Hi everyone,

I'll be in Bogotá for a week soon. It's my first trip to South America, and I won't be able to travel around the country much (I'm in town for work). So I'd like to spend my week in Bogotá the best way possible..

I'll be staying around the Universidad de los Andes.

Any recommendations for memorable places to eat and drink would be very much appreciated.

I'm mostly interested in "authentic" local food, and I probably shouldn't be eating in very expensive restaurants.

To the extent that the security situation for visitors will allow, I'm definitely willing to go to less central/touristic areas if there's something there I shouldn't miss.

I don't speak any Spanish but will probably be accompanied by some people who do.

Also, if I were to take one day-trip out of town with a dinner at the end, where would people suggest I go?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I recommend Villa de Leyva for your out of town trip. You can stop at the salt cathedral on your way there. About 2-3 hours from Bogota. Lots of good reasonably priced restaurants there, although some are open only on weekends. Stay overnight, and return next day. There are good postings on Chowhound for Bogota restaurants.