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Apr 16, 2011 04:53 AM

In Search Of real good pickled herring in cream sauce

any ideas??

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  1. I am not a big fan on pickled herring, but I used to bring my grandfather the varieties from Ingebretsen's and he really loved them. I believe they make all of them in house.

    1. You can't get it in Minnesota (that I know of) but I always get my pickled herring from Bay View Packing in Milwaukee. I like the wine sauce but my mother eats tons of the herring in cream sauce. If you search on the web, you can find their website and call to place an order.

      Otherwise, it seems that all of the stuff that I see in Minnesota is of about the same quality. Maybe some shops up along the north shore are better?

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      1. re: GutGrease

        I've never found great pickled herring in the Twin Cities, but the Dockside Fish Market in Grand Marais (right next to the Angry Trout) has by far the best herring I've ever eaten. Their smoked fish is great too!

        1. re: ThymeTruffle

          I'm going to file this place away for next visit to the NS!! Sounds great!

      2. I sampled some regular (wine/vin) @ Hackenmuellers meat market that was firm and had a bright taste. Very Good. The get it from Day Fish co. Braham, MN. Fold into sour cream, or creame fraiche and it will be the bomb!

        1. If you mean in a restaurant context Glockenspiel's herring is not (that) horrible. Not (that) great either. But exponentially better when washed down with their (quite) good German dark.