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Apr 16, 2011 04:53 AM

Barcelona Tapas Recs: need some suggestions pls.

Hi CT Chowhounds I haven't been to Barcelona in a while - Going in a group of 6 do you think 2 tapas per person is ok or too chintzy?

I know I love the chorizo & figs but need some other ideas...since I see some things I don't remember.

Is the cauliflower good? How about potatoes in duck fat? anything else a must have?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. Which one are you going to? I think 2 per person is a little light, but obviously depends on your group. You could always complement with charcuterie and cheeses.
    The Cauliflower Cazuela is definitely tasty. Lamb chops with Romesco Sauce are very good. Butternut Squash with Pepitas is very good. The menu changes so often it's hard to give too much advice! Lobster risotto is good...tuna tartare...brussel sprouts...potato tortilla is simple but tasty. Don't bother with the empanadas...steak paillard is kind of meh.
    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: sibeats

      this helps, thanks!! We are heading to New Haven - I used to go to Norwalk/Fairfield often a couple of years ago.

      I'm concerned some of the men might need more food...which of the tapas do you think are more "substantial"? Calamari?

      1. re: debvil

        Calamari is definitely larger, Potato Tortilla...Chickpea Puree w/ Pita Chips is large...and on the less expensive side. Cauliflower is small...if you are sharing it between 6 you'll barely get a forkful. Ramps & Fiddleheads sound yummy, must be a new one (when I posted the first time i was looking at the SoNo menu). Albondigas are usually 4-5 decent size meatballs, but not very inspired. Croquettas are good but you usually only get 3 I believe. The mushrooms with the egg sound delicious. I find the "a la plancha" style dishes are usually very tasty. The beet and blue cheese salad is nice. The mussels are also a pretty large portion and then you get all the bread dipping in the spicy sauce.
        When we go, we usually get about 8-9 dishes between 3 of us, but usually not the larger ones mentioned above...but you'll definitely need more than 2 each, especially with men.
        Hope you have a great dinner!

    2. I never got past the Cuban. Awesome.

      1. I am new to the area and heard they have a SUnday special. Does anyone have any idea about this?

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        1. re: nobadfoodplz

          The Sunday special I know about is 1/2 price bottles of wine, at least at the Stamford location.

          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

            Thank you ChefBoyAreMe. I will try to write something after we eat there.

            1. re: nobadfoodplz

              We just returned and I really liked. The steak paillard, the calamari, a couple of the empanadas, the mushrooms in some cheese plus we ordered the platter of meats. And the wine was half off. A really nice Sunday with the family.

          2. re: nobadfoodplz

            There is a Sunday pig roast special (in New Haven) that includes the pig, sides, and dessert AND 1/2 price wine. Haven't been yet but saw it on the menu on Friday night.

            1. we went last night & it was excellent. As good if not better than the fairfield county branches.
              The menu was diffferent that what was online - here's what we ended up with.

              -Chorizo & figs (crowd favorite)
              -Duck Fat potatoes (good but unsure if a re-order)
              -Clams w/Salsa verde (WOW mint & clams?!)
              -Calamari - really good
              -Potato tortilla -very yummy
              -Seafood Paella (we split a 2 person entree like a large tapa) I make my own paella after getting disappointed in restaurants - this one was perfect, rice was not mushy, very flavorful.
              -Beet Salad (good but I'll get something else next time)
              -olives, roasted garlic

              Blood orange margarita was ridiculous it was so tasty , sangria was good for the price.

              Sunday they do a PIG ROAST along with the bottles of wine at half price. It's on my list of to dos.

              thanks for the suggestions chow hounds.