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Apr 16, 2011 04:47 AM

Gluten free pita?

does anyone know where to get gluten free pita? Preferably fresh on site?

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  1. Nobody knows??? I'm not celiac, but I'm interested... Let me know if you find out, as I have a friend who is newly diagnosed and I'd like to help. Thanks.

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      GF pita is infuriatingly hard to find. in fact, there are only a few very small companies in all of North America that make it, and unfortunately they're all in the States and don't usually ship to Canada...but if you call them and throw yourself on their mercy perhaps you can work something out:

    2. I never tried them, but there was a bakery open near me (in St. Catharines) for a while that sold "Barb's Gluten Free Pitas." I found a little contact info via Google:

      They also seem to have a Facebook page. Worth a try, maybe?

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        I was looking for that info to post up. A friend from that area told me about starting to use gluten free pitas and I recalled the lady's name was barb. From what she said they seem to taste pretty good so definitely recommend contacting her and maybe they sell to somewhere closer to GTA

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          I am still nearby, we are in St. Catharines. you can contact me at 905-934-1272 or check out my web page~ barbs gluten free pitas on FB
          or www.gluten free

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            Wow thanks!!I posted in April glad to hear finally something came up! Will call tomorrow