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Apr 16, 2011 04:18 AM

Peters Inn Baltimore. Fantastic Meal!

My husband and I went to Peters Inn last night with a couple of friends. We arrived at 6:00pm to be sure we got a table as they don't take reservations. We sat at the bar for about a half an hour. I had a kiwi infused vodka that was very very suprisingly good. Everyone was super laid back and super friendly. We've been to Peters before. We liked it, but my husband really likes Henningers Tavern so we usually trip on over there when we are in the area. But wow, Peters Inn might just be the best meal I've had in Baltimore in years.

The first thing that came out was the garlic bread. Big, thick, fresh pieces of bread cooked perfectly with butter and a light layer of pesto on top. I knew the diet was off the table this evening. I ordered the tuna nachos. The waiter, who was very nice, very friendly, and very well informed explained this dish to me before I ordered. It was a piece of rare tuna on top of a freshly made chip with a dollop of some kind of complimentary sauce on top resting on a little beet. YUMMY! I wish I didn't have to share with my husband and friends, but what to do.

My husband had the mussels in a curry sauce. I was skeptical since usually in this town a coconut curry means someone throws some coconut milk in the sauce and thats it. But this was very delicately flavored, kinda sorta like what I remember getting inThailand. The mussels were perfectly cooked and to dip the bread into the sauce was to die for. Really yummy.

Then I got the soft shelled crabs which were the best I've had. Not oily like most of the soft shelled crabs I get. Very lightly battered then fried in a butter type lemon sort of sauce. This came with asparagus which was not overcooked and a bit of potato. Our friend ordered two of them and I think he said they were the best he had (except the ones he cooks at home).

My husband got the gnochi with gorgonzola cream sauce which was utterly fantastic. YUMMY. And our other friend got the scallops which she said were outstanding, although I hate scallops so I didnt' try them.

We finished this off with the warm apple pie and ice cream which again was good.

This restaurant instantly has become my absolute favorite, for the outstanding food, the really friendly, well informed, totally non snobish but super confident service and the atmosphere. This is exactly the kind of restaurant I like.

There was a thread here about over rated restaurants in Baltimore. I dare the author to say this restaurant is over rated. I'm thinking now of coming here for my 50th birthday instead of the Charleston......

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  1. I used to live in Fells and eat there all the time. I am glad to hear it is still a great place to go.

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      Peter's is a real sleeper that I rarely see mentioned on this board. I took a party of ten there not long ago and we had an excellent meal. My new favorite spot in Fells Point.

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        There's a reason for that, it's already too crowded!

        Peter's has been my favorite place, hands down, for the past 5 years. The stuff that Bud and Karin are doing is not being matched anywhere in the city, IMO.

    2. And you'll save a lot of money. Of late I have been somewhat disappointed in Charleston and the inflated prices.

      So, you are probably on the right track to spend a monumental birthday dining at an establishment where you've had a fantastic experience. FoiGras