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Apr 15, 2011 07:36 PM

catfish nuggets?

anyone know anything to do with these things other than deep fry?

if you haven't seen them, its the lil end piece at the tail (like scrod), not anything like a chicken nugget

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  1. Add them to seafood chowder

    Or, sautee them in some white wine, garlic, chopped tomatoes and EVOO with thyme and some sea salt as garnish and toss and serve with pasta.

    1. anything else? cheap meat would get tons of opinions but everyone looks down their nose at cheap fish. . . except sardines

      1. I love catfish. You can bake the nuggets, instead of frying, which makes them easier to use in recipes. Uses?

        Fish taco? Fish sandwich (I know, frying is best for that, but I have to declare the love I feel for the fish sandwich)? And I know that kimchi fried rice is usually made with shrimp, but maybe some fried catfish instead would be interesting, especially topped with a fried egg. And if you save up enough of them in the freezer (I'm not certain if you are buying them in bulk, or reserving them from a whole fish), you could make nice catfish stew.

        Catfish itself got some love on chowhound, and these ideas can easily be adapted to those nuggets, eh?