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Apr 15, 2011 07:00 PM

Cape Cod or Maine?

Which location has better food? Any suggestions on which is better for 3 nights in the summer? Thanks!

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  1. Better is so subjective. They are so different it's like comparing apples and hand grenades. What do you like to eat? That might help. Seafood is terrific at both with Maine getting an edge for lobster and the Cape having the edge for clams and oysters. Maine has a mostly rocky coast and mountains and a huge land mass. The Cape has many sandy beaches, warmer water, and is a narrow peninsula.

    1. Ogunquit, Maine has some of the best restaurants. Arrow's, Jonathan's, MC Perkins Cove, Omelette Factory, Five-O, Ogunquit Lobster Pound. You can take a ride to Kennebunk for Hurricane's also. The Cape has some fine restaurants, but for a short vacation, I'll take Maine.

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        I usually go to both the Cape and Maine every year. I stay in Ogunquit and I think you're spot on with the places you listed. I'm very happy you didn't list Barnacle Billies because its terrible. I would add the Oarweed to the list. That being said, Ogunquit and Portland are great foodcations. But...I stay on Cape in Brewster every year and the Brewster Fish House may be my favorite resturant in the region. It is represented 4 times on my foodwall.

        Brewster Fish House
        2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

        1. re: foodwallguy

          Barnacle Billies and Oarweed are filed under, "Tourist Trap" in my book. Some people are put off that the Omelette Factory is essentially in the basement of a house and very cramped, but those ladies make the best Omelettes. I usually end up on the cape at least once a year in Dennis. I will have to try the Brewster Fish House this year.

          I also forgot to mention Cafe Prego, next to Five-0. Same owners, great pizza. Closet to Italy I have ever had. Great for take out if going to the beach.

          1. re: foodwallguy

            Brewster Fish House has done a bit of a build out remodel this year so I'm interested in getting back in there when they reopen this season.

            The former Head Chef, Martha Kane, has opened her own restaurant in Dennis Village at the old site of Gracie's Table. Haven't been yet but have heard good things.

            Clearly, I'd pick the Cape over Maine!

            Gracie's Table
            800 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638

            Brewster Fish House
            2208 Main, Brewster, MA 02631

          2. re: awm922

            Maine is a big place. I spend most of my time in York Beach (with best dinner options in Portsmouth, NH and Ogunquit), but Portland has some of the best restaurants in the state or region.