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Apr 15, 2011 06:02 PM

Trenton Visit, some nice finds!

Mom and I traveled into Trenton today to stock up on some excellent smoked meat items, Kielbasi, for the main part, for Easter celebrations. Our usual stop is Cosmo's on Brunswick Ave.
While their grocery items have taken a step toward downsizing, their meats are superb! They make and smoke many of their items, not that I can name any, since I pretty much point and say, I'll have that, but it's all good! We think their kiska is the best and I called ahead to make sure they had some.
They offer hot lunch meals for Take out (never been at dinner time) and those are always spectacular, the breaded pork cutlet is huge and delish! There are always 2 homemade soups as well. They also present some freshly home-cooked pork items (available by lb.), that are always fantastic. Today they had a roasted (with a nice spice rub) loin, similarly cooked shoulder ( this we bought, so awesome!) as well as bacon prepared the same way. So worth the drive (50 some miles)!

I recalled a post here that mentioned the Trenton Farmer's market, so I smartphoned the address then plugged in the address to the Garmin. Pretty literally a few blocks away from Cosmo's!
Since it is only Friday, about half the vendors were there and alot looked good. I was most impressed by the cheese shop there! Fantastic selection of cheeses! Since it is a cash only shop (and I hadn't planned ahead) my shopping was (budget lucky for me) limited. I chose Wife of Bath, a new item for me (artisan semi soft English) and delights of all, Cabrales! This is a Spanish Blue cheese that I have craved since I first (and only) tasted it at the Professional Food show in NYC about 10 years ago. It is an intensely rich flavored cheese that lingers ah!

Next door to the Farmer's Market is a dairy store: Halo's Dairy Farm. We just stopped in and this looks like stop to well plan for! Milk is being packaged right there! The prices were insanely low and the ice cream, well I and any 1st grader could read and understand the few ingredients! Milk, cream, sugar, eggs etc. Next time we will pack a cooler!
We planned to do Mastori's in Bordentown
on the way back and were not disappointed. This is the only place I order steak, the Cowboy steak never disappoints me. Mom's Short ribs were great! We waddled out with two full bags of leftovers (as we knew we would
)A definitely full day of food! I am very full and so is the refrig!

And no I do not work at any of these places, nor do I know anyone who does. Just a fat and happy day that I wanted to share!

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  1. Quine, quite a nice day, thanks for sharing. Especially interested in Cosmo Food Market. Have to make my way over there soon.

    1. Nice report. The ice cream pints (true pint) at Halo are as good as any premium label, at half the price. Maybe 35? varieties. All we've tasted are superb. Just a FYI, the cheese shop at the Trenton market was sold about a year ago. Local paper article mentioned a young couple bought it. Huge improvement. So friendly and helpful. They are expanding again, and moving into Palmer Square in Princeton. Could be any week soon. They will offer even more selections.

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        More good information, thanks. Many people already know, Halo Pub serving the same ice cream is also located in downtown Princeton if your in the area.

        Halo Pub
        9 Hulfish St, Princeton, NJ 08542

      2. The Polish neighborhood in Trenton has a few good food places . Rozmaryn Restaurant is just a few blocks away and right around Cosmo's there's also Henry's Deli .
        And Barbara's Hungarian Kitchen is just a few miles up the road .

        Henry's Deli
        916 Brunswick Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638

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          Such excellent suggestions given back! TY!
          The cheese shop's selection definitely rivaled WF for me, The woman who assisted me, coulld not be nicer, bt not on th younger side. A true treasure.
          The Amish prepared food counter looked like it had some excellent BBQ items and sides and it surely was crowded . We just knew we were head to mastori's next so didn't try anything.

          1. re: Quine

            Quine: nice report. I do love Halo and the prices are sooo low! You mentioned the Amish counter there. A bit close for you is the Dutch Market in Medford on 70; Most of the vendors there are Amish, and they are only open Fri and Sat. Absolutely worth the trip. Do not miss the Amish roasted chickens, the Stolfus bacon or the pretzels right out of the oven!

            1. re: mschow

              Thanks Mschow! I have driven by that SO many times as Rt 70 is oft used, (we live off Rt 72 in Manahawkin) but always thought it was well, a tourist trap.

              Glad to know this!