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Apr 15, 2011 05:04 PM

Easter Brunch on Cape Cod

My friend needs an amazing but wallet friendly brunch spot mid to lower Cape Easter please.

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  1. Yarmouth Port Inn has a pretty good Sunday brunch for not too much money, though my one complaint is that they serve the fake seafood for one of the dishes. 
    The website says they are serving on Easter.

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    1. re: dennisl

      I was going to recommend the same place, as we've been a few times this winter and really enjoyed it. (Except for the seafood newburgh with the imitation crab as mentioned! Made to order eggs benny and belgium waffles come from the kitchen. Everything else in on the buffet table including a made to order omelet station, carving station with 2-3 roasts, salads, soups, deserts, and a few hot dishes and both b'fast and lunch sides.. It's really a great deal at $17.95, but I notice they are gouging a bit on Easter at $32.95.

      The Harbor Point down the street in Cummaquid is advertising a 50 foot Easter Buffet for only $19.95 but I haven't been in years or talked to anyone who has either. Lovely view for the northside though.

      Harbor Point
      Harbor Point Rd, Cummaquid, MA 02637

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I went years ago to Brax Landing. It was mediocre at best. I would tend to favor that spot for a drink in the summer. Has anyone been lately? They have an Easter buffet and it's near where my friends are staying..thanks...

        Brax Landing Restaurant
        705 Main St, Harwich, MA 02645

        1. re: phelana

          Jeez Ann, I 'd trust your instincts on Brax, although to be fair, I haven't been in years either.

          How about Cape Sea Grill. Too pricey maybe? They are doing Easter Brunch ala cart.

          As you probably know, Ocean House used to do a terrific Sunday brunch. May still do. Worth a call to see what's going on for Easter.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Great fam and I are either doing Cape Sea Grille or Ocean House. OH has a set menu. My friend has a clan and needs a wallet friendly spot so I think he may end up at Brax. It is what it is...wish we had an updated review from a CH here. Thanks..

            Ocean House Restaurant
            425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

            Cape Sea Grille
            31 Sea St, Harwich Port, MA 02646