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Apr 15, 2011 04:32 PM

How does one get a res at Bonsoiree for a Saturday night?

We are hosting a family member from the UK the weekend of May 7th. He is a very sophisticated diner (just did Gavroche in London and also owns a place in Burgundy). I thought Bonsoiree would be an interesting option. In my naivete I tried to make a res for a Saturday. Does one have to wait for an invite for Sat? Fill me in Hounds...

2728 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647

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  1. Here's what it says on Opentable: "Please accept our apologies on behalf of Bonsoirée. Online reservations are not available on this date at this restaurant. Saturday dining features our Underground Menu. For details on how to make a reservation for Saturday evenings please contact the restaurant directly." And on Bonsoiree's website at : "Underground Dining has evolved into an invitation-only Saturday evening dinner event with new menus introduced monthly" and tells you to sign up for their e-mail list.

    It all sounds very cryptic to me. Have you tried phoning them to ask them to explain? 773-486-7511

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      Cryptic is exactly the right word. I will try phoning.

    2. At your request, they will put you on a regular email notification list. They will send out the menu the price and the opportunity to make reservations.