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Apr 15, 2011 04:11 PM

popeyes in st. paul needed

Why is there no Popeyes? It would get sooooo much business in Midway-Frogtown. Yes?

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  1. There was. I guess it didn't get enough business.

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    1. You'd think Popeye's would do a decent business in the more urban areas, but .... no.

      The closest you'll probably find in Saint Paul for that kind of meal would be either of the two "fish & chicken" places on University -- J & J's over by Axman (University between Snelling and Fairview) and the other place by the Wendy's on the southeast corner of University and Dale. Maybe Hickory Hut; I'm not sure if they do fried chicken per se, but they do have the Art Song recipe for wings, and those are pretty good, IMHO. All three are reasonably quick service, all have similar side dishes, all have somewhat regrettable interiors. :-) But, then, the one Popeye's I've ever been in did all that, so it should work out OK.

      The Hickory Hut
      647 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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        there is a popeyes near uptown on lake off of lyndale.. they only take cash...
        and the popeyes that used to be in the frogtown area is where Trung Nam is now, i used to visit that quite often as a kid with my dad