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Apr 15, 2011 04:08 PM

Last meal ever of different cuisines

So the question of the last meal on earth has come up a gazillion times, BUT... What would be your last meal if it had to be

-Fast Food

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  1. an ayce buffet featuring all of the above and more

    1. Italian -

      Either linguini with a super garlicky clam sauce, or a pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms cooked in a real wood burning pizza oven with nice thin crust with charred edges.

      Asian -

      Korean BBQ with lots of banchan (including very spicey and fermenty kimchee), and plenty of offal in the meat selection. Chili crab would be a close second

      American -

      16+ oz ribeye cooked over a woodfire grill, nice char but rare in the middle, with a whole lobster on the side served with drawn butter, plus baked potato with sour cream, butter, chives and bacon, creamed spinach, and fresh baked yeasty rolls.

      Fast Food -

      White Castle cheeseburgers, lots of them.

      Upscale -

      I'd put myself in the hands of the chef and have him work up a tasting menu of whatever was best at the time.

      Breakfast -

      Fried ham steak, red eye gravy, grits with a lot of butter topped with the red eye gravy and tabasco, fresh biscuits, soft scrambled eggs, and some seasonal fresh fruit (ideally some cantaloupe and honey dew). Alternatively, an Eggs Benedict with fried oysters instead of the canadian bacon and a side of fried green tomatoes would be great.

      BBQ -

      North carolina style pulled pork with spicey vinegary sauce, sides of collard greens cooked for hours with a ham hock and topped with vinegar and onions, some corn bread to sop up the pot liquor, and some peach cobbler for desert.

      Mexican -

      Camerones ala Diabla with a super spicey sauce made creamy with some pepitas, refried beans cooked in real lard, hot flour tortillas, fresh sliced avocado and pico de gallo.

      Cuban -

      Pork fricase served with yellow rice with pigeon peas, black beans, boiled yuca with a habanero sauce, and tostones.