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Apr 15, 2011 03:40 PM

Any good steak recipes for someone without an outdoor grill?

Hi All:

No patio/no grill :(

any good ways to cook a steak on my pan or oven? any specific recipes?


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  1. Start by reading this.

    Basically, pan sear your steak so you get a nice crusty char, then finish off in the oven to your degree of donenes.

    1. What kind of steak do you have?

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        1. re: samtron608

          Great cut for searing in a pan. Simple salt and pepper, or use Steak Seasoning.

      1. Okay, I'm assuming about a 1" steak for this set of directions, so bear with me. If yours are thicker, add about 1 1/2 minutes on the fire per side. This is for mid-rare beef. Have your steaks at room temperature.

        Open all the windows in the house and turn on the fan

        Cast iron skillet: Rub oil into surface; it should be glossy but no pools - you're not frying this, you're going to sear it.Heat pan for 3-4 minutes. Hold your hand over; it should be too hot to keep there for more than a few seconds. It will definitely be smoking, and that's okay.

        1/4 tsp. salt; sprinkle over pan bottom

        Add steaks; allow to sear on high for 3 minutes. It will smoke even more. Keep going.

        Flip steaks; sear another three minutes. At this point you should start to see juices pushing up and beginning to pool on the surface of the seared top. If you don't see it, leave them go another minute or so or until you see that happening, at which point remove steaks to plate, rest them at least five minutes (I don't cover mine but it's up to you), and serve.

        There will be people who say never, ever use salt in the pan: it's been my experience that it helps with the char and facilitates the meat being freed for flipping more easily. But that's only my opinion. Either way, enjoy your dinner.

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        1. re: mamachef

          Mamachef, your salt advice is awesome. I tried it and it works. Even when using butter to fry, I add salt to the butter, toon (for diff. reasons than ease of flipping, obv). To me, salting "things that aren't the steak" makes it more flavorful.

          I would only add to let the steak "rest" just a bit before serving.

          1. re: pinehurst

            Just to add some more confusion...try a light salting overnight (like brining)


            1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

              I like to salt ahead to let the steak sit at room temp for up to an hour ahead of cooking I use coarse salt and we have a ridged cast iron pan we cook the steaks on plus a super fan or I would have to go with the broiler in the oven.

            2. re: pinehurst

              A compound butter is a great addition: I cream unsalted butter with some herbs and kosher salt and pepper, let it firm up and slice it and serve one pat atop the hot steaks. With the pan juices, it's awesome as a sauce. Hey, you made me re-read my post to make sure about the "resting" period, and it's there.... and I'm glad it is, because the resting is so vital to a wonderful, juicy steak.

              1. re: mamachef

                Yup, my bad. You are correct. Funny, growing up, this is the only way that my family cooked steak. When the hibachi and charcoal were lugged out, we'd typically do "campfire food" like hot dogs/just-caught fish, never steak.

            3. re: mamachef

              I like to salt the steak just a little before putting it on the grill. The salt draws up the liquid inside the meat so that the natural sugars in them really carmelize and char when they hit the very hot pan.

              1. re: mamachef

                mc - been doing mine that way for years - husband and close friends prefer it over grilling! Sometimes I deglaze and make a simple sauce, but most of the time the steak stands on its own.

                1. re: bayoucook

                  Honestly, I think this is the best way to cook a good steak, because it gets so crusty and juicy and bitey but tender; almost pillowy when the good stuff starts to flow.
                  Sometimes it seems like the bbq flavor overtakes the taste of that good meat - I like chicken and fish on the grill, but we rarely "do" steak that way....and I totally agree that a great steak needs nothing additional but a sprinkle of salt and a bit of pepper. The compound butter is for special occasions. :)

                2. re: mamachef

                  mamachef -- I make hamburgers this way too. They are awesome.

                3. mamachef's advice sounds good to me. i also will say salt the pan. i also want to emphasize that you should NOT view a grill as a essential for good steaks. in my opinion, the BEST steaks are cooked the way mamachef described. they get a much better, more even char this way.

                  plus, id like to see a pan sauce built on a grill!

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                  1. re: mattstolz

                    Hey mattstolz: and the late, grreat James Beard agrees wholeheartedly with you!! GMTA!!

                      1. re: mattstolz

                        I'd bet the farm that the late great man himself would throw another steak on for ya, matt!