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Vintage Kenmore Electric Stove - Need some help!

Missnish Apr 15, 2011 12:21 PM

Hi - My husband and I just bought a house with a vintage Kenmore electric stove and I'm having trouble identifying what year and make it is. There are a few things on that need fixing (one burner is out and it needs a new handle and some new knobs).

I've tried looking on a bunch of sites, but can't find anything that looks even close to this thing. It's pretty gorgeous, so if I can restore it I'd be more than stoked. It's got some interesting features like push buttons for the burners, a centre griddle, as well as a warming oven and broiler...

Unfortunately I can't find out the serial number until we take possession in a couple of months, but I have some pictures...

Anyone have a clue as to the year and model of this appliance?

Comments appreciated!

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  1. marthasway RE: Missnish Apr 15, 2011 12:52 PM

    Tis a beauty! I'm by no means an expert, the graphics on the clock and the push button controls suggest to me mid-century modern or early 60's.. Are the burner elements wide or thin? Wider coils came earlier rather than later.

    I hope you can get the answers you need and can enjoy this treasure in your new home for many years to come.

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      shaunpruitt RE: Missnish Jun 11, 2012 05:55 PM

      Hello! We have a very similar electric range in our home and have very similar questions. Just wondering if you have had any luck finding information/forums, etc regarding this unit? Thanks in advance with anything you can share!


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        shikken RE: Missnish Jun 11, 2012 07:13 PM

        Martha is in the ballpark with the age.It doesnt look like Miss nish is around anymore.
        Shaun,it looks like this one was made by G.E.,1960's,possibly very late 50's.Those 7 position push button switches may still be found.The top elements are available as are the oven elements.You're out of luck with finding trim,doors.knobs,handles.Look for the mod/serial # plate around the door opening,storage drawer opening,or underneath the top element area.The top elements are hinged and you may find a silver sticker/plate under there with the mod/ser# plate..
        A real classic!

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