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Apr 15, 2011 11:51 AM

Cooking related birthday gift ideas

My boyfriend's 21st birthday is fast approaching, and while I do have a gift for him (I bought a pair of glass beer steins which I am going to etch a design into & plan on buying a bottle or two of Rhody Coyote), I was trying to think of something else I could add to the gift. He is beginning to become very interested in cooking, so I've been trying to think of some sort of (reasonably priced) food related item I could include in his gift. He's very interested in fish & the ocean (he is a marine biology major), sustainability, and he's really been into Indian food lately.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. An Indian-themed spice kit
    A starter cookbook, same cuisine
    Gift certificate to a restaurant with food he's into
    A homemade Gift Cert. for you to make him a meal of his choice

    1. Every year for the holidays my aunt would build a basket of small (some what novelty) kitchen items. Most of them found on clearance or low priced items. This year was some basting brushing , grill set, and some in oven serving type dishes (more expensive)...

      Some of those small little items go a long way, if he is really into cooking

      1. If you have a fish monger or ethnic market nearby a day trip to either or both together to food shop could be fun and educational.

        I love the etch design idea! Would you share the design you're creating with us.

        Also do you have any Indian sweet shops in your area? The one that I frequent has an amazing array of pastries both sweet and savory and the trip is an adventure of its own.


        1. How about a cooking class? I grew up in the kitchen, but my SO still hooks me up with a session at the local culinary school or supply house on occasion. Lots of topics, not too expensive. Hands on are best, I think, and lets me learn something fun to shore up some weak spots in my game.

          1. The big Pyrex (8-cup I think) measuring cup and a whisk (any size). Both are more useful than you could possibly believe. I've received and given both-- outstanding.