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Apr 15, 2011 11:35 AM


We're heading down the Oregon Coast as far a Coos Bay in our RV. We are not interested too much in restaurants, we all like to cook and eat at our campsite.

We know about the shop in Garibaldi but any ideas further than that would be appreciated. We're especially interested in crab & oysters.

We used to visit a shop along the coast in Barview however the place is no longer. She told us she wouldn't be there the following year. Last year we stopped north of that shop and paid way too much for the crab compared to the prices in Garibaldi....lesson learned and we won't be stopping there this year.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. We've always stopped at Oregon Oyster Farms just up the Yaquina from Newport. I don't eat oysters, but the rest of the family loves them:

    1. You've probably already noticed but at the bottom of this thread are a number of threads many of which relate to this topic.

      My memory is failing so I can't remember if Bandon is north or south of Coos Bay but there are places there. Also Florence.

      Since Dungeness crab season is probably over in SF, maybe it will be IN season in So. Oregon.

      Have fun. The Oregon Coast is just wonderful.

      1. South Beach Fish market in Newport has nice seafood. Their prices are a little high but always fresh.

        1. Oysters at Pacific Oyster in Bay City (you can watch them shuck and package, it's impressive):

          I also like the salad topped with crab (I usually get that and some oysters on the half shell) and the oyster burger (grilled oysters on a bun) there. And the oyster stew is a crazy-rich must-have with lots of cream and butter and oysters...YUM!

          Also, in Cannon Beach, Ecola Seafood does a good job on fried seafood and seafood cocktails (crab and bay shrimp), picked crab by the lb. (love to buy it and toss it with some garlic and butter and angelhair pasta - crusty bread, salad, wine and it's dinner!) - stuff like that.

          I found this link because of Pacific Oyster, and look, it mentions both places:

          Ecola Seafood Restaurant
          208 N Spruce St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110