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Apr 15, 2011 11:10 AM

Victoria near Four Points by Sheraton hotel

Any suggestions for interesting, casual places within walking distance of the Four Points hotel in Victoria? Many thanks.

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  1. This is not really a walking neighbourhood. You are staying in the midst of suburbs-ville, and a car will be necessary.

    At Bear Mountain, I understand that some people like Kuma sushi, though I have never eaten there. In Langford there is the Smokin' Bones cookshack, serving BBQ and southern cuisine. I ate there once when it first opened but I understand that it may have improved somewhat over the years.

    Can't think of anything else in that area off of the top of my head. The Aerie further up the Trans-Canada highway (past the top of the Malahat) is a nice place for a splurge, but certainly not casual.

    Sooke has more options but is a 20 minute drive up the road from Langford. (i.e. Markus Wharfside Restaurant, the EdGe, etc...)

    In the other direction, and closer, is the 6 mile pub, which has better than average pub food but nothing particularly exciting.

    Honestly, you are best off driving into Victoria if you have the time.

    Good luck.