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Apr 15, 2011 11:00 AM

Korean Fried Chicken

There is a legit Korean Fried Chicken place now in Austin.

It is at Somunanjib next to the Karaoke place in the Han Yang shopping complex on Lamar and Justin.

They source their seasoning and batter from Korea. I think its $16 for 14 pieces or so, so enough for 3 hungry people or 4 regular people.

I only got the spicy version while I was there but it is garlicy, super spicy, with a faint sweetness, and super crisp.

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    1. re: amykragan

      yeah I believe so though I might not have remembered the exact lettering correctly.

      I think they also go by Austin BBQ or something like that. But its left of the Karaoke place.

    2. Together Restaurant has also been serving Korean Fried Chicken for a while. They have no sauce, and sweet/spicy sauced versions. You get a whole chicken for about $12 - 15. Plus the banchan. They have very good banchan. Haven't been in a while, but the place should still be open. Its next to where the Mongolian BBQ on North Lamar used to be. North Lamar and Rutland I think.

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      1. re: Homero

        I have had the Together version. While its good, this new place is in my opinion quite a bit better.
        The Together version is very sweet and not as garlicky.

        1. re: lixlix

          That is very true. I actually prefer their chicken with no sauce. Definitely going to check out Somunanjib. I was just letting people know that there was another option out their.

      2. Awesome news, thanks.

        There seems to be several Korean places in Austin that don't have a prominent sign transliterated in English, only a large sign in Hangul. Jib is a house, right? What does the rest of the name Somunanjib mean?

        1. It's called austin bbgo also. Its pretty great. they have a good lunch buffet too. just a bunch of stuff out in crock pots. cheap

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          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            Last time I went, the owner said the buffet was no more. So disappointed.

          2. Such exciting news! Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to check this place out soon.