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Apr 15, 2011 10:38 AM

Scaramouche - Dress Code & Suggestions?

Hi All - I'm going to Scaramouche this weekend with my boyfriend.

1) Does anyone have specific menu suggestions?

2) Does anyone know what's appropriate to wear? I'm not quite sure what "smart casual" means? If I wore a semi-formal dress or little black dress, would I be over-dressed? I dont want to feel out of place.


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  1. Smart casual - for men: usually a jacket, dress shirt (no ties) and pressed pants (ie no jeans)
    For women: you get a lot more slack. Dress pants, skirt; perhaps a jacket with a neck scar. I think semi formal you will definitely be overdressed; little balck dress would be just fine.

    I love love love the scallops at Scaramouche. And the coconut cream pie is delicious - each piece is about the size of your head, so you may wish to share. It is not at all sweet, which is what makes it so wonderful (to me)

    1. I don't think there is a resto in Toronto where semi-formal would be a good fit. I almost always wear a pair of great jeans and a dressed-up shirt or a little black dress out to dinner and never feel over or under-dressed.

      1. I've always enjoyed the seafood at Scaramouche, and I recently enjoyed the Soft Pistachio Meringue with hot house rhubarb, blood oranges, whipped cream and rhubarb riesling syrup on their current dessert menu.

        You might be fine in a semi-formal dress, if your semi-formal dress is a cocktail dress. If your semi-formal dress looks more like a prom dress, what contestants wear on the Bachelor, and/or a beauty pageant dress, you might feel a little out of place and/or overdressed. That being said, dining at Scaramouche is a special event for most people who post on CH, and it's one place where you can dress up in TO.If you want to dress up, dress up. I'd rather be overdressed, than underdressed.

        Although some people feel comfortable wearing jeans at Scaramouche, I wouldn't wear jeans to Scaramouche, not even the fancy kinds of jeans that cost more than dinner at Eigensinn Farm. But maybe that's just me. I also wouldn't wear jeans to George or Auberge du Pommier.

        Smart casual for me is similar to business casual. If you click on the Scaramouche link below, you can see how some people interpret smart casual, by looking at the photo on the main page of their website.

        No one seems to dress like Scaramouche, when they visit Scaramouche.

        Enjoy your dinner, and let us know what you order!

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          OK, I snickered

          I love the lead picture on the Scarmouche web site, it let's you know the range of dress that they are expecting. It's actually very helpful. I don't need to see pictures of the food, I want pictures of your dining room with some "normal" diners in it.

          1. re: bytepusher

            Since Scaramouche launched the new website a few months ago, I've wondered who those diners might be. Do any of the "normal" diners in that photo post on this Board? ;-)

            1. re: prima

              I want to know who that blonde is!

        2. Some suggestions:

          - Foie Gras App
          - Goat Cheese Trio App
          - Pasta Main (my wife loves this)
          - Lamb Main

          For the most part you cant go wrong at Scaramouche.

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          1. re: Sadistick

            I agree that the goat cheese trio app and the lamb main are excellent, and the coconut cream pie as well. Love Scaramouche.
            Re dress, the times I've been there, I've worn a more casual black dress and also nice black pants and a fancier top. These seemed very appropriate.

          2. Hi all - thanks for all your help and suggestions.

            I ended up wearing just a simple dress. I'm glad I didn't go for my little black dress, because I thought it might have been too fancy... but I agree, that if your dress (or little black dress) is simple, it is definitely appropriate. I did see many people in jeans, but they all looked very respectable (nice shoes, etc). There were a lot of men wearing jeans as well, but they all had blazers on.

            My boyfriend started with the scallops followed by the lamb. Both were amazingly delicious. The scallops were fantastic. I had the lobster ravioli and the arctic char. The lobster ravioli didn't really do it for me - it was good, but I wasn't blown away. Almost too salty. The arctic char on the other hand was amazing - the fish was so moist and cooked perfectly.

            We both shared the coconut cream pie for dessert (thanks for the advice on how big it was!! =) ). It was very good.... I usually wouldn't go for coconut cream pie, but I'm glad a tried it.

            Overall, the food was amazing.

            I do feel like the decor needs an update though... the chairs and tables seemed a bit dated, and I didn't find the atmosphere to be overly amazing. We sat by the window, so the view was quite nice, but again, it didn't blow me away. Maybe I dont appreciate skyline views as much since I work in an office tower every day though.

            Overall, it was fantastic. Thanks for all your help and suggestions =)