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Apr 15, 2011 10:34 AM

Grand Lake Kwik Way reopened: drive-thru burgers and fries [Oakland]

The place has been closed since before I moved to the Bay Area, so I don't know anything about what the food was like. It's part of a local chain, right? If nothing else, it's nice to see the place opening for business--that abandoned building was a real blight on that neighborhood.

Passed by today, and there were people inside setting up. Sign on the window does, indeed, say their hours are 11am to 10pm. Menu looks like burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, the usual...

Any reports yet?

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  1. i worked a few days here decades ago. owner has long disposed of his interests as i know it. probably new owners. kwik way paid higher wages than mcdonalds but that didn't last long.
    would be interesting if the "formula" has changed.

    1. No report yet but the best item on the original Kwik-Way menu was the corn dog, a Miller's (local product) hot dog hand-dipped and deep-fried to order. I have yet to meet a corn dog to equal it.

      The triple cheese (three patties, three slices of cheese and that's it) was also good in a bad way.

      Given the ridiculous controversy kicked up by some in the neighborhood over the evils of fast food when there was a proposal to put a Fatburger there, and with the involvement of the Somerset folks, I doubt we'll get those sorts of items, alas.

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      1. re: Pius Avocado III

        the corn dogs were made in-house by the "fry guy". he/she was responsible for the french fries, fried chicken, and corn dogs.

      2. Wow, really?

        A few years back (before they closed) the news was the Kwik Way near the lake was going to become a McDonald's..but it was heavily protested (traffic was sighted often) and didn't make it. I remember it was always packed with high school kids during the day...actually a lot of the time.

        I'd go to the one on Telegraph (now a Giant Burger) way back when (after party) on Telegraph which was kinda scary...use to get the prawns. I can't remember if they were open 24hr or until 3 a.m. The other options back then were Biff's and Dave's. it'll be interesting to try the food again with the new modern standards.

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        1. re: ML8000

          the telegraph one opened till 1. not 24 hours. i worked the graveyard shift on the grill.

        2. That Kwik Way was disgusting, and I think it's new owners. I'm really glad that that building is reopening and won't be abandoned and scary looking anymore. I'd heard that it was going to reopen, but I didn't know it would be this soon or with the same name, that's great.

          1. I was riding by on the bike so I stopped. Fairly crowded for middle of the afternoon. The menu was sparse...burgers ($4.50), fries, onion rings, small pizzas, wings and a few items to come. Didn't have anything. No corn dog or fried shrimps.