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Apr 15, 2011 10:27 AM

Challah...Browns to fast... almost burnt before cooked inside?

Have a terrific recipe from Second Helping Please..

The oven temperature indicated is 400 degrees...browns way too fast... tried to turn it down to 375, didn't cook----dried out before done.

So, I start on 400 and put down to 375 with better results...however still too brown.

It says to cover bread with foil - (does this mean actually cover all around - or just over top loosely)

Any tips for bread not browning so quickly...?

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  1. Is it just the top that's burning or all around?

    If it's the sides and the bottom, are you using a dark colored or glass pan? If so, change to a shiny pan.

    If it's just the top, are you removing the foil at some point during the cooking? If so, leave the foil on longer.

    If it is all around, try starting at 400, then bringing down to 350. You may have to play with the timing a bit to get it right.

    Which recipe are you using? Are you painting on an egg wash?

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    1. re: BadRabbitAU

      recipe from Second Helpings... 1 package yeast to 3 1/2 4 cups flour - 2 eggs...and an egg wash of egg yolk beaten with 1 tsp of water...

      Going to try a Mollie Katzen Recipe... next week - 8 cups flour to 1 package of yeast (two loaves) and temperature 350 ..
      thanks for tip on pan... you are correct it was a very dark loaf pan..

    2. 400 is higher than any challah recipe I have used, I start at 375 and then turn down to 350.Maybe your oven is of temp, too and maybe it is not a terrific recipe! Cover means loosely with foil usually.

      1. I would recommend using a lower temperature, too. I start about 375 and keep an eye on it. If it starts getting too dark, I'd turn it down by 25 degrees. I'd test for doneness by internal temperature in that case over time.

        1. The Challah recipe I use (and the one I teach) bakes in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes, then rotate and bake another 15 minutes until the bread is nicely browned and the center temperature of the loaf registers 195 degrees.
          If you'd like to try the recipe, click here:

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          1. re: todao

            thanks... will try your recipe sometime.. the rotating idea... really makes sense - first off, I'd better get myself an oven possibly its running too hot?

          2. A couple thing to try is to 1) reduce the heat to 350F and 2) lower the oven rack down a notch so the top of the bread isn't as high in the oven.