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Apr 15, 2011 10:14 AM

New food truck in Central Coast - Kun Fusion

I just heard about a new food truck that began operating in SLO County this week called Kun Fusion, an interesting combination of Korean BBQ and Portuguese offerings. Daily updates on location are posted to Facebook and Twitter, and there is a website with menu and background at:

I haven't had a chance to track it down to get it a try. Would love to hear some feedback on it. It seems the food truck trend is officially upon the Central Coast.

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  1. tried it when I found it in AG next to the Ford dealership. It was parked only for the high school lunch hour.

    I took some photos and will post some soon. Young chef is very enthusiastic and serves many types of arepas. I had one that sounded intruiging, but the masa was dull and the filling sparse. The texture was great--panko crust crackled pleasantly, but it lacked flavor. Certainly ample portions, 5-- 1 1 /2" balls of arepa per $3 serving, plus spicey mayo garnish.

    Kon Fusion is new, and is following the Big City form of "follow us on twitter to find out where we'll be" which I'm not interested in doing. I'd much rather be able to plan on a set location, even if it traveled during a broad lunch hour, than chase it all over; don't have time for that.

    I hope other trucks find a niche and stay put. This is one LA fad (the twittering part) I'd hope would fade away. it smacks of hype to me--and I'd rather Kon Fuion concentrate on the food.

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    1. re: toodie jane

      Thanks for the input Toodie actually didn't have an arepa per se, it is an appetizer, Balls of Fire (5 for $4). It's made of a precooked cornmeal, which is different than masa and not the most flavorful ingredient, admittedly. Apologies that the filling was "sparse", but at least we know the deep fryer was working :)

      As for Twitter and Facebook, is it a means to get the word out about our daily locations. There are laws regarding how much time we can spend in one place, so if I were to be at the same location each day, I might as well have purchased a restaurant. Hopefully, you don't feel that we are "hype" because believe it or not, the KunFusion Truck IS all about the food...and we plan on being around the central coast for a very long time.

      Thanks again for your honest feedback...hopefully, serendipity will come to play again :)

      Lori Nunes

      1. re: KunFusion Kulinary

        Lori, like TJ, I'm not a tweeter or FB user, but I'd love to know if you will be near the Ford dealership in AG tomorrow @ 12-1 PM? TIA

        1. re: PolarBear

          Ah! We'll be in SLO tomorrow for lunch. How does Mon. work for you? We haven't hit that corner in a while...I could totally get you in for a lunch. Let me know....and feel free to call if you are ever wondering where we are...704.8988.

          1. re: KunFusion Kulinary

            Please consider adding a regular stop to Juvenile Hall/SLO Sheriff's dept. We love the Porter's truck, but they're only there two times per week, so another option would be nice sometimes :)

            1. re: DarkRose

              Hi DarkRose...thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what I can do, as long as there is an understanding that YOU approached US on this--I don't want Porter's thinking I'm poaching his custmers, just not the way we roll :) Let me know what day you would like to see KunFusion and I'll see what I can do. Also, are you following us on FB or Twitter?

              1. re: KunFusion Kulinary

                Well I don't want to step on anyone' toes, and wouldn't suggest coming on the same days Porters comes. Not familiar with food truck etiquette, so I'm not sure if they have a special arrangement to be there or be the only truck that comes by.

                1. re: DarkRose

                  Well, I'll definitely look into it. It would probably be nice for you guys to have some, anything at all, seeing how far out you are from any food establishments. Hope to see you soon....