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Apr 15, 2011 09:12 AM

Any great joints in the Caribbean? Leaving tomorrow...Help!

Just got a last minute invitation to join a group of friends to sail in the Caribbean... Stops are as follows: Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia. Dreaming of finding some shack on a beach with cold beer and some kind of delicious local fare. Thanks.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing sail.

    I just got back from the Grenadines and have to say I was stunned how hard it was to get tips from locals on good local food spots. Almost everyone - especially anyone working at a tourist related businesses - wanted to send us to a tourist joint (guess they didn't believe us when we asked for local food). The other problem was when we did get a tip, it wasn't necessarily because it was good, it was because the place was owned / operated by a family member.

    Just ask everyone where THEY like to eat, especially Police / Customs types (usually friendly and knowledgeable) and students (local joints usually are the best value too). Try to get a second confirmation, and lastly, turn away if there are few locals when you get there.

    1. On St. Lucia see if you can get the group to sail into the cove at Jalousie Plantation, whose beach bar and outdoor restaurant are what you're looking for in an idyllic setting. Jalousie is located smack between the two landmark volcanoes on St. Lucia. We just spent a day there two weeks ago.

      On Antigua, the beach bar you're looking for is called Bumpkins. Take a cab.

      1. Are you kidding?? Do you realize it is Race Week in Antigua? PARTY central..Dockyard and Dickenson Bay full of beach bars and fun. The food stalls and stands offer cold beer and local eats. Have a blast.

        1. OMG!!! Just working on my second beer at English Harbour... Sun starting to come down, reggae playing... Taking phelana's advice and heading over shortly... Will take poppy and mcgrath's recos... Actually looking at the Maltese Falcon right now!!! Life is good!!!! :)

          1. We'll PROMISE you the BEST cheeseburger in paradise where it is local trendy and visitor wife and i spent 10 years creating and developing our dream - an upgraded rum shack that allowed visitors and locals to mix together. We are 100% St. Lucia culture, but behind the scenes we are run professionally.
            Check us out!

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              Hey there, the weather is a bit crummy, but were docked in Rodney Bay. How do we get to your place?

              1. re: Moimoi

                Crummy weather here to...probably closing early tonight as St. Lucian's don't go out in the rain and it is RAINING, non-stop, for the last 3 hours!

                Head south to Piaye, in between Laborie and Choisel, get close and its easy...just ask where the Piaye Beach is....its the ONLY beach in Piaye. You'll come down a village road and at the end we sit on the sea.

                Any questions, call 758.455.1130