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Where do you buy your steaks (uncooked)?

Hey 'Hounds, had dinner earlier this week at Austin Land & Cattle company, and it was pretty good, we enjoyed the experience. But in the end, I knew I could fix a better steak at home.

So I was looking through any local specials, trying to figure out where I was going to get my beef, when it occurred to me, this crew probably has some go-to spots for where you get your beef?

Do you wait for a sale at Whole Foods/Central Market? (Or pay full price...ouch). Do you go with the prime beef at HEB? Maybe stay a little off the beatin' path at Sprouts or Sun Harvest?

Do you have a favorite butcher shop that hooks you up with the right beef?


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  1. The prime beef at Costco has been excellent, both price and quality. Unfortunately, the supply is not consistent so you can't be sure of what they will have... but it's been great. On two occasions, we thought that the choice looked better than the prime and tried it. We had the same great results. The beef was rich tasting and well marbled. We've purchased rib eyes, strips and filets.

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      I"ve been really pleased with Costco's meat and seafood selections as well.

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        According to the latest news Costco does not sell beef without antibiotics. That in itself removes Costco from my list. Quality starts with no added hormones and antibiotics for me.

        Frome the ariticle:
        Four store brands - Food Lion, Sam's Club, Food-4-Less and Save-A-Lot - only sell chicken, beef, turkey and pork products raised with antibiotics, according to the study.

        Stores with high amounts of antibiotic-free meat include Trader Joe's, Publix, Giant, Shaw's and Stop & Shop, it said.

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          You got a beef against CostCo? That article doesn't even mention CostCo. And it explicitly excludes CostCo because it only surveyed SUPERMARKET CHAINS..

          In fact, CostCo DOES sell antibiotic free meats. At least in it's Dakota brand and other organic meats randomly found in the frozen section. I believe all their lamb is antibiotic free as well.

          Why did you choose to dig up this year-old thread to announce this misinformation?

      2. it says austin land and cattle gets their steaks from creekstone farms in kansas...

        personally sams and winn dixie,and publix (locally here in FL) are where i usually get my meats..

        but when i really want a special steak...
        i order steaks from www.stockyards.com
        they have a new york strip/filet mignon combo thats really awesome..

        1. Personally I enjoy the meat from Randall's. I agree that Costco is great but try looking in the discount bin at Randall's. I know that sounds lame but think about it, the meat is aged a few days in their coolers which it would probably do in your fridge anyway, its always been excellent, and at bargain prices. The quality of the meat is mostly determined by the marbling so if you don't see what you like then look in the regular meat section and find a well marbled steak of choice. Sounds weird....tastes great. By the way, I like to fire up my gas grill which is cooks at about 600+ degrees, and I also fire up the oven to about 425. I cook the steak (depending on thickness...I like a 2" thick steak) about 31/2 minutes to 4 min. per side then finish it in the oven for about 8 more minutes. It comes out a delicious pink in the middle, always done to perfection and I avoid the potential of flare ups burning the outside of the meat. Its a great way to do a steak.

          1. We only buy steak from Central Market or Whole Foods.

            Central Market
            4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

            1. I am a bit of a bargain shopper, and I have a couple inexpensive go-to's

              for cheap steaks my go-to is the $6/lb prime sirloin at heb.. I have tried long and hard to find reliably good cheap steaks and you cant beat those, not to mention that they will cut them to whatever thickness you want if you ask them

              my favorite is the whole tenderloin from costco.. I think it currently runs ~$10lb.. not much more than my cheap sirloins, but you have to buy ~$80 at a time.. after cleaning the loin I get 6-8 really nice fillet's and a small roast and some scrap meat I make stroganoff out of.. its hard to beat that for the price, but sometimes I dont want to buy more than I need

              I have gotten some really nice steaks at sprouts, but it seems that they have different meat everytime I go and I dont like that.. if I go somewhere, I want to know they have what I want

              steaks is one of the few thing that are easily made at home as good or better than retaurants

              1. Costco vote here. Whole foods second, only cuz of price. HEB depends on location. Randall's is on par with good HEB. Costco Is best for $$$$

                1. Is costco beef grass fed, antibiotic/hormone free? Can they tell you what farm the meat comes from or do they use mass production/factory farms? Do they offer a nice selection of organic beef?

                  I haven't heard that costco is consciencious about any of these things so if they are, that interests me.

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                    On the flip-side, I am concerned with finding the best tasting beef at the best price, the rest is largely irrelevant to me.

                    Sounds like I'm going to need a Costco membership. Thanks all.

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                      Understood. I'd rather pay higher prices for what I consider better quality meat. We can agree to disagree on what makes beef worth our time/money.

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                      Your questions about Costco beef..... No, no, no and yes. For me, the best best for flavor is Whole Foods dry aged beef. We only do that once a month or so. To stay healthy, we go mostly with grass fed from Whole Foods.

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                        I don't think my palate is sophisticated enough to really taste/tell the difference between dry aged and regular beef. I've tried both and I'm fine paying the cost of the regular beef (from a quality source).

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                        No idea. I don't believe that is their target audience. I'd go Whole Foods for that. Theirs is good, and they can probably tell you where the seed comes from that makes the grass that feeds the cows....

                      3. Stuffed Cajun Meat Market on RR 620....aged beef..........

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                          haven't bought any (yet) but i subscribe to their newsletter via email.
                          if you are interested in their aged beef, you should, too.
                          they will often send an update when a special piece of meat is available, etc.

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                            New York Strips (Prime) at HEB. $7.97/lb this week and they'll cut them as thick as you want!

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                              USDA Prime for $8.00 a pound?? No way....

                              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                                Check the ad. I bought seven steaks yesterday.

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                                  Which HEB did you get them at? Just checked the one on Oltorf and they don't have the special.

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                                    Its in the Austin ad. They have to have NY Strips for $7.97/lb. I got mine at the Hwy 79 HEB in RR.

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                                      Volente HEB, too... Anderson Mill and 620.

                          2. Wow, no one else is buying their meat at Lee's Meat Market???

                            Expensive, but really god meat every time. I haven't tried anywhere else, I see no reason to.

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                              Lee's or Johnny G's... isn't there another meat market/butcher shop..? There's also La Michoacana. whole sheep heads!

                            2. Costco, WF or Central Market.