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Apr 15, 2011 07:15 AM

Newport - Sunday - B'day

Will be in Newport Sunday as part of a birthday celebration. Would appreciate recommendations for an excellent high end meal. In the past we have done: Spiced Pear, Bouchard's, Black Pearl, 22 Bowens. Are there any new places in Newport or something we have missed. For a more casual meal we always have liked Tucker's. Thanks.

Spiced Pear Restaurant
117 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI 02840

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  1. Castle Hill Inn! Food, service, setting...all top notch.

    1. You might want to think about Tallulah's for dinner.
      They have been getting consistently excellent reviews and it would be a good fit for a high end meal.

      1. Thanks for your inputs. We've had lunch at Castle Hill a couple of times and really enjoyed them. Never heard of Tallulah before but the reviews on line are very impressive. Will report back after trip.

        1. Had a terrific meal at Tallulah (salad with shaved asparagus, seared scallops, oysters, roast lamb with couscous and a cheese plate). Service was excellent in a refined setting.

          Tried to eat at Cafe Zelda the next night but just as we were seated they ushered in a group of about 12 that turned out to be a sales meeting. They were very very boistrous and then began a sales pitch at about 80 decibels on the history and benefits of one kind of rum. We ordered a drink to wait for the noise level to calm down but when it did not we paid for our drinks and left. This is not a large restaurant and we felt it was wrong for the management to let a group like this basically take over the place at the expense of the other diners. Their response to our concern was an "I'm sorry". Went across the street to Bouchard's and had a terrific meal.

          Cafe Zelda
          528 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840