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Apr 15, 2011 05:25 AM

Kelsey's Essentials - super basic cooking show

Kelsey Nixon from season 4 of Next Food Network star has (had?) a show called Kelsey's Essentials that shows on the cooking channel. I sat through an episode of this program a few days ago, because I was intrigued by her lemon basil Orzotto, which I may still make. but omg. this show was painfully basic. she'd start talking about the recipe, then the image would cut to a cutting board, a knife and all the ingredients you'd need. I found her demeanor a bit condescending as well. Next time I'll just read the program description, then look up the recipe online!

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  1. If you saw her on NFNS then you should know what to expect!! LOL

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      that's a good point... I didn't remember who she was until I was watching it. I saw the description and set the dvr to watch it later.

      1. re: jujuthomas

        The judges had agreed that she was adorable - but not experience enough - even on Food Network!

    2. Bobby Flay's company is behind her show. Mr. Flay definately gave Kelsey her break out show but for the beginner cook who wants to entertain at home but is overwhelmed by recipe and technique, I think Kelsey Essentials can be a helpful show. I don't find her condescending in the least-rather perky actually.

      1. I used to teach cooking classes, and you'd be surprised what people who consider themselves to be intermediate to advanced cooks don't know and are pleasantly surprised to learn. And I actually think this is a good concept to reintroduce after being inundated for years with personality/POV-focused shows.

        If I disagree with Kelsey, other than on whether it's a good idea to wear fake eyelashes over a hot stove, it's with her idea of what's "essential". My idea of "essential" and "basic" would not include cast iron skillets, food processors, and pasta machines. There's a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of great food to be made, with truly essential kitchen equipment before getting into what I consider accessories (well, maybe not the processor).

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          I agree with your first paragraph completely!

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            I agree with your first paragraph completely, too.

            As to your second: For 25 years, my only skillet was a cast iron skillet. Given its relatively inexpensive and durable nature (this particular skillet was made in the 1930s), a cast iron skillet seems like a 'basic' to me. Agreed that the food processor isn't really, but it's in the first group of machinery someone might buy. Pasta machine?? No way -- that's specialized, third-tier stuff that has no place on a show aimed at basics. I smell sponsors...

            1. re: ellabee

              '' I smell sponsors''
              that's funny.

              I've not watched one of these episodes so can not speak from a viewer standpoint.

              about the second paragraph, like you I have a comment.
              cast iron, as a new bride a thousand years ago, I bought one because I managed the housewares dept. and I know how they sold, thought I needed one super quick, like right now. I seasoned it as indicated and only ever saw that major rust formed, I was after all, young and stupid. I sold it in a yard sale for cents........
              about the food processor. the cuisinarts were out and trey expensive.
              but sold like hotcakes, not surprising as the city I worked in had celebs galore and they came in the store every single day to spend their wad.
              years passed until I asked for one for Christmas and was thrilled at how much work they did for me.
              is it esssential? no, is it a great gadget in the kitchen, yuuuuup! sorry I sound like Dave Hestor ;:+{

          2. Condescending? We must be watching two different shows. She comes across as sweet and enthusiastic.

            Also, why wouldn't you try the lemon basil orzotto anyway? Who cares about her personality as long as the recipes are good?

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            1. re: Jadore

              whether I make her orzotto or not has nothing to do with if I liked her show. it has to do with if I remember my interest in the recipe when I need a side dish, if I have the ingredients on hand, and if my DH will eat it.

            2. I'm okay with basic without the shtick of most TV cooking personalities. Personally I never found her condescending.