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Apr 15, 2011 02:25 AM

My pumpkin soup is missing something! Any ideas?

This is my tried and true recipe - I've had it for years. I used to love it! But the last few times I feel like it's missing something. I don't know - maybe my tastes are changing or something. I think the recipe might be a good springboard for something fantastic, but what? Do you have an ingredient that sends your pumpkin soup into another dimension?


1 onion, chopped
½ teasp garlic, minced
1 tbsp butter
1 sml pumpkin, peeled, seeded and diced
1 potato, peeled and diced
stock cube(s)
1 - 2 cups cream
salt, pepper, paprika, nutmeg, to taste


In a large saucepan, gently saute the onion and garlic in butter / oil until onion is translucent (if you add a little oil to the butter, it's less likely to burn)
Turn the heat down to low.
Add the pumpkin and potato, put cover on and sweat vegetables about 5-10 minutes - more if you're being leisurely.
Dump it all into the crock pot, add water until mix is barely covered.
Crock it all day if you like - until the veges are soft at the very least (or on the stove if you haven't got a few hours)
When pumpkin and potato are soft, crumble the stock cube over the top and follow with the cream.
Add a dash of salt and pepper, paprika and nutmeg.

Blend with a stick blender, being careful not to splatter if it's still really hot!

Taste - adjust seasonings if desired.

Serve with a dob of sour cream on top and a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley (or your favourite herb)

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  1. I make a curried squash soup that contains apples. Maybe you're in the mood for something more exotic.

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    1. re: dfrostnh

      Yes, maybe I am in an exotic mood... and curry and apples sounds interesting!
      Thanks for the idea :)

    2. Not quite "exotic", but I find a smattering of ground thyme (powder) adds a different dimension to many soups. Start small (teaspoon) and go from there as it can become overwhelming quickly.

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      1. re: porker

        Thank you - I happen to have some thyme in the pantry too :)

      2. Gorganzola, or other blue cheese. I got this from one of my Paula Wolfert books - I want to say the Southwest France one, but I'm not sure. I've since seen the combo elsewhere. It's good - a lot better than I would have expected. You blend the cheese in, so the soup is still smooth.

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        1. Crumbled browned italian sausage.

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          1. re: HunterJay

            That sounds great too - so many things to try, think I'm going to have to get more pumpkins!

          2. Instead of stock cubes, use some home made stock in place of water and cut the cream. Top w/ creme fraiche.

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