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Apr 14, 2011 11:32 PM

Medlar, London; has anyone been?

A good ten days ago David O'Connor the ex-Square and Ledbury manager and Joe Mercer Nairne who was sous-chef at Chez Bruce opened their little restaurant on King's Road. Has anyone been?
Andy Hayler seems to like, giving it a more than positive review.

Here's the website for those interested:

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  1. Went last week during the soft opening - very impressed and seem like a nice bunch running the place. Crab raviolo starter recommended in particular.

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    1. re: mjgauer

      Good to hear! Booked in a couple of weeks. Very much looking forward to it!

      1. re: FelixH

        Good choice - if i were you i'd request a table in the 'front' room as, from what we saw, it was by far the nicest and most intimate.

        Also recommend the pigeon - amazing roast garlic confit

        1. re: mjgauer

          Crab raviolo & pigeon , sounds like my kinda place.
          What's the wine list like?
          Anything decent by the caraffe or bottles only at eye watering prices?

          1. re: Paprikaboy

            Wine list looked pretty decent though not my forte if I'm being honest. From memory they had a reasonable number by the glass. Bottles starting at £20 I believe so not too bad at all.

            1. re: mjgauer

              Oh yea, saw both pics on Andy's site. Looks good. Hope they'll still be on!

              The sommelier just won a young sommelier of the year award or something of the kind. So it should be quite decent. However, given that its a new place, I don't know if you'll find lots of big names or such.