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Apr 14, 2011 11:21 PM

El Bolivar in Chatsworth , is it still open?


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  1. I noticed that there was an April 10, 2011 review on Urban Spoon about eating there. Have you tried calling them: (818) 772-9366?

    1. Thanks, Kevin, for the reminder. The restaurant is still very much alive. My wife and I went there for lunch today, we live so close to this place, that we finally made it, and met the mom (hostess, waitress, & chef). There was one other table occupied the whole time we were there, 1:30 to 2:45 PM. The following are what we had:

      Fresh squeeze, Red Berries and Guanabana ($3 each) – (very good)

      Mini empanada (on the house) – beef & potato (excellent)

      Small bowl of Mondongo ($6) – beef tripe & pork soup serve with rice & ever present arepa (corncake). (excellent)

      Bandeja Paisa ($15) – fried pork, beef, Columbian sausage, egg, arepa, avocado, fried plantains, with rice and beans (good, pork not too dry)

      Lengua en Salsa de Ciruelas ($14) – beef tongue in prune sauce – serve with rice, salad, arepa, and fried plantains. (very good).

      This place is a little pricey as pointed out by C. Thi Nguyen’s LA times article. We wish they get more business, and wondering the price maybe a factor that a lot people avoided trying.

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      1. re: jotfoodie

        I was about to say if price is a factor? I gotta get there, but from West La it is quite a drive, even by my standards.

        1. re: kevin

          It's only pricey if you have your mind fixated on "Latin American food = cheap food." This place has way higher ingredient quality and prep care - and the prices are commensurate. Dude: she handmakes her arepas every morning from masa she grinds herself every morning. What would you have to pay in LA for the equivalently fresh-made pasta?

      2. I drove by the other day and it looks like it's shuttered :(

        There's a sign out front saying there's a new Columbian restaurant coming in its place, I can't recall the name, but it was a male name starting with an S.

        This is sad news, though it's not surprising. It was never very busy. Just glad I got to experience the cook's wonderful arepas while they were still around.

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        1. re: maiweezy

          ah, darn, oh, well.

          so no more el bolivar?

          their garlic shrimp olio was good too.