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Apr 14, 2011 11:16 PM

Carrot cake?

I'm much more inclined to pie than cake, but if there is one cake I do love, it's carrot cake - and lately I've had a hankering. Should I just try the Cook's Ill recipe, or is there a better one out there? I'm not too picky other than not wanting a moist cake that isn't a frosting bomb.

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  1. I LOVE the CI recipe. Its my go to recipe for carrot cake. The frosting is especially delicious.

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      Which one do you prefer? I'm on the site now and I see three - a "light" one, a "Simple" one (which I assume is the classic), and a ginger-orange with orange cream cheese frosting.

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        Its the 'Simple' one. The frosting is great!. Not super sweet like a LOT of frosting recipes. I top my cake w some toasted coconut too.

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        Ditto - it is the only requested cake for every family get-together and birthday.

      3. I like Alton Brown's that uses brown sugar. It's not too sweet.

        1. I like Dorie Greenspan's from "Baking: From my home to yours." This version is very moist and not dense the way other carrot cakes can be and leans toward the sweeter side of things.

          For a less sweet, more hearty carrot cake, I use a recipe from "The California Cookbook." I actually made this one yesterday (it has to sit for 24 hours) for my DH's birthday today. It uses pineapple and walnuts as well.

          One fun variation that I got from my Mom, is to poke holes in the cakes after they are baked and drizzle some dark rum over each cake to soak in, then put a dash in the frosting along with vanilla extract. The rum really plays well with the dark flavors of carrot cake. I also like to finish with freshly grated carrots on top and chopped walnuts on the sides. Good luck!

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            Klunco, your mom has great ideas.

          2. The one, the best, the famous:
            Trust me, there is no better. However, I recommend using far less 10x sugar in the frosting, as the filling is already very sweet but essential.

            1. Just made Epicurious one a few weeks ago. Was amazing....