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Apr 14, 2011 10:04 PM

Newbie to Emmer & Rye tomorrow night--ordering tips?

Hi fellow chowhounders;

I'm hitting Emmer & Rye tomorrow night and wondering if there are any must-try dishes (I already have on my list to try for weekend brunch one of these days for the biscuits and gravy, given the raves on this board.) Thanks!


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  1. Sorry, can't help you. The one and only time we went it was such a dreary experience that we vowed never to return.

    1. don't order the rabbit ~ it was not on the bone, and flavorless. i did like the order of steamed clams.

      1. I've been twice and both times it was just okay. I won't make a point of going back. I don't understand why it gets so highly recommended.

        That said. I hope you had a great experience. I didn't want to post my view until you had a chance to enjoy your visit :)

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          Ugh. What a completely disappointing experience. My friend had bought a Groupon to try this place and it was a total waste. Not only is this place completely overpriced (i.e. one of their specials, charred octopus salad, had about 4 minuscule shreds of overcooked octopus in it), it just isn't good. Of the 4 dishes we sampled, only one was something I'd want to eat again (their farro "fries" with sage yogurt dipping sauce.)

          I too wonder how it is they've gotten high marks. When our server asked how our dinner was, I was truthful: over salted, overcooked halibut, overcooked octopus. She comped our two glasses of wine, which was a nice gesture. But I will not be back. Now I need to call Groupon to get a refund for the one I bought! Ugh.

          I wonder how it is they get such raves for their brunch (biscuits and gravy in particular) when the dinner was such a disaster. I'm loathe to even give the brunch a try given our dreadful dinner. Any thoughts?

          1. re: lrsseattle

            I wonder if the fact that the chef from Stumbling Goat Bistro opened Emmer & Rye is the reason. The former was really good, but I don't know anyone who's liked the latter.

            1. re: lrsseattle

              Interesting—I thought those "fries" were gross. I wanted to like this place but wouldn't go back.

          2. we ate there about 6 months ago and the only thing that stood out was the burger with the egg on it. i remember a pasta dish being very tasty as well. the cocktails are quite good though.