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Dinner near Woodland Hills

flowergirl Apr 14, 2011 07:15 PM

Looking for a nice place near Woodland Hills to have dinner with friends on Saturday. Medium priced - not more than $25 for an entree and not too loud would be great. Any kind of food other than Asian or barbecue. Okay if we have to drive to other parts of the valley. I realize this is a broad question - I am just not familiar with the Valley.

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  1. mucho gordo RE: flowergirl Apr 14, 2011 07:35 PM

    May I suggest Nicola's Kitchen on Ventura?

    Nicola's Kitchen
    20969 Ventura Blvd Ste 14, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

    1. BeenThereAteThat RE: flowergirl Apr 14, 2011 07:48 PM

      Right next to Woodland Hills is the Hummus Bar & Grill in Tarzana...literally minutes away. Very nice (though not stuffy at all). Great service. Interesting and enjoyable food.

      Hummus Bar and Grill
      18743 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356

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      1. re: BeenThereAteThat
        lrhr RE: BeenThereAteThat Apr 15, 2011 06:21 PM

        I really like the food here, especially the salad selection and laffa --but it is not the least bit quiet. I'm actually eating there this evening...if they've done something to dampen the space, I'll repost. But last time I was there it was crowded and loud.

        1. re: lrhr
          lrhr RE: lrhr Apr 15, 2011 11:00 PM

          Still pretty loud--but sitting outside was much quieter, a nice night, and despite being on the side of the parking lot, very pleasant, indeed.

      2. c
        carter RE: flowergirl Apr 15, 2011 10:34 AM

        It traveling further east from Woodland Hills, you might try Chablis Food & Wine at 18588 Ventura Blvd., just a block or so east of the newish Whole Foods Market in Tarzana. Just west of Reseda Blvd.


        Place was known previously as Paul's Cafe, and has a side patio in addition to a very pleasant and warm dining room. Good food, and plausible prices.

        1. perk RE: flowergirl Apr 15, 2011 03:23 PM

          I haven't been there for years, but Brandwynne is a charming French restaurant. It's on Ventura.
          I think it's within your price points, and it's a good place for conversation. Good food, too.

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          1. re: perk
            jotfoodie RE: perk Apr 15, 2011 06:15 PM

            I second, I third Brandywine.


            Brandywine Restaurant
            22757 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

            1. re: perk
              brandygirl RE: perk Apr 16, 2011 12:58 PM

              Brandywine is as good as it gets in the valley, but I think the entrees are more than $25. If I remember correctly, they're in the $30-$45 range.

              Brandywine Restaurant
              22757 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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