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Apr 14, 2011 05:06 PM

Vegetarian friendly recs near airport?

Coming to Philly this weekend and never been. Travel-mate is vegetarian. Looking for recs near Embassy Suites Hotel or hockey arena. Not looking to spend too much. Interested in dinner and brunch recs and/or best threads on this board. Thanks much!

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  1. Before we respond to your post... are you from Buffalo? That will determine the type of places we suggest for you.... but seriously...

    You will not find many decent restaurants near the airport. Plan to go to the sports complex and take the Broad Street Line to get to good eating places. Royal Tavern is a great place, vegan friendly and has a nice brunch as well as great beer menu. I am sure others will have suggestions as well. Know that once you get to the sports complex, you will be able to easily get around via public transportation..

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      My self-preservation instincts tell me I should plead the Fifth!

      Does it help that we're coming from Rochester and we love great food? ;)

    2. Royal Tavern is great food, both for vegs and omnivores. South Philly Taproom just off the Broad St Line too, also great food, their vegan hoagie is real good too. Both have good brunch but for brunch I'd rather go to Royal.

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        Also in the same general area, Cantina los Cabillitos has a good brunch and lots of veg options.

      2. Another option is L'Angolo - Italian BYOB on Porter just off Broad Street, about 1 1/4 miles north of the stadium.

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          thanks for the recs. unfortunately, due to all the rain, we weren't feeling all that ambitious about trying to find our way around as we were completely soaked through between leaving the arena doors and getting to our car. we ended up resorting to lameness and eating at the hotel. i do hope to make it back to philly for a proper visit and to check out your recs!

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            Sorry the weather and the Flyers put a damper on your visit. Hope you get back because there is a vibrant vegetarian scene in Philadelphia that you would enjoy. Also, if you are looking for a high end vegetarian experience and you are back this spring, you should check out Horizons before they close. Its a nationally recognized vegetarian restaurant that takes vegetarian cooking to heights rarely seen.